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Info on local soccer clubs for kids

We just moved to Berlin. My 6 year old son would like to play soccer. Could anybody recommend soccer club for kids? We live in Steglitz and hope the club is not too far from hom.
There is a soccer club in Steglitz on Lauenberger Str, near the corner with Berg Str. Not sure of the name of the club, but they certainly have youth teams. Not sure if they go down as young as 6, but you can check it out.
Here are the contact details for the club's Jugendabteilung (youth section)
Hi this sounds ust what you are looking for
Sportanlage Lessingsrasse, 12169 Berlin Steglitz For more information or to register please send an email to:

ive not been there but will be taking my 7 yr old son to the summer camp there.
good luck!!!
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