How much to charge for English classes - Berlin

Info on the hourly rates for teaching

I have three years TEFL experience in Spain and am planning to come to Berlin.
I would like to know how much I should charge for private classes, normal hourly rates in langauge schools and also for company classes.
Have you tried using the search function? Useful keywords: rates, teacher, English classes, freelance, etc. You'll find plenty of information on the subject. Good luck!
yeah the search function is good but I haven´t found the answers for berlin specifically. I know wages and cost of living varies a lot in germany. So some replies would be appreciated.
I do not teach but know of these 2 links (forums) where you might be able to find an answer... (English Teachers in Germany forum) (Dave's ESL Cafe forum).

Hope that helps.
Steve Shadforth
Charge as much as you can, some schools only pay 9E/hr, some business classes pay up to 30E
If you teach privately, and it's money without invoicing, people will balk at paying 20E/hr, especially in the burbs.

There are ads that appear on this forum from time to time, some of them dubious. Beware of anywhere that wants you to pay
to learn it's method.

Worked at a school for a short while - they paid €23/hr (not a commercial language school by the way). I would think that anything less than €16/hr at a school means you're just slaving away to make some other bastard rich.

Around 20€/hr for private lessons is probably OK. An Italian friend charges that for private lessons. I did the same for English - seems reasonable enough.

Just my five penn'orth - I got fed up with teaching and would only do it again as a last resort and/or if I had a guarantee of motivated students.
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