Stuttgart to London by train in 7 hours 40 mins

€155 return with TGV-Europe, special summer offer

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This looks like a fair deal, and as cheap and as fast as flying.
Jules Winnfield
Are you sure? Paris to London is around 2.5 hours with the Eurostar.
Seems fast to me as well, but it is in my local paper.

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You must be kiddin'. At that rate, it should be travelling 500/600 kms per hour.

Anyways, the duration is indeed 7 hours and 40 minutes, with a stop at Paris (From Stuttgart to London).

Reisedauer: 07h40
minutes actually. It's refering to how long it takes to book online.
Small Town Boy
Measured city-centre to city-centre, even 7:40 hrs isn't really any longer than flying and it's certainly a whole lot more relaxing. Taking the train to London is a reaslistic option from anywhere in western Germany. From Köln, for example, the journey takes only 4:45 hrs, and costs from £40 each way. You can book direct through the Eurostar website.

Unfortunately, the 10:30-hour train journey from Freising to London is a little beyond my "Schmerzgrenze", not least as we're already next door to Munich Airport here. Although the night train to Paris would be an option; you'd be in London by 10am the next morning.
I tried to get a quote for this and it kept coming up with either a technical error or simply going back to the booking page with no error whatsoever?
I only noticed these offers yesterady but all the Paris trains were booked up for the coming weekends, so I went to and tried to book from there and found tickets which weren't available on the DB website. Not cheap but a good option if you dont want the hassle of going through an airport.
Shirley Forrester
150.00 euros is vey expensive for a 7 hour train journey. I usually pay the same price flying with British Airways from Stuttgart to London Heathrow return in two hours.
German Wings is even cheaper from Stuttgart to London Stanstead (but that is east London) and not convenient for me, but they have some very cheap flights, depending on your dates.
If you are going city centre to city centre its quite favourable.

Factor in train journeys from the centre to/from the airports. Time taken to travel to the airports and waiting time at the airport, its probably pretty comparable - almost definitely cheaper?
I thought your having a laugh when I first read "7 hours 40 mins" and had another when I saw the price. It is far cheaper to fly than take the train anywhere in Europe almost. I can fly from Stuttgart to Berlin cheaper than taking the train. Time is what it will cost you, just like everything else you pay for convenience. The train is wonderful because it drops you off in the centre and has far less waiting times than at the airport. Isn't Stansted more North than East?
Isn't Stansted more North than East?
Does it really matter where the arse end of nowhere is?
haha true true!
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