Where to see the Indiana Jones 4 film in English

Cinemas in Göttingen, Hildesheim, Kassel, etc.

Does anyone know if Indiana Jones 4 will appear in the cinema in English, in south Niedersachsen?

Preferably I'd prefer it in Northeim, but I would also travel to Göttingen, Hildesheim or Kassel... Possibly even Hannover.

Any leads would be warmly welcomed
I'm sure it will be in all due time. It hasn't even been released in the US yet (May 22).
Keep an eye on the schedules for places by you that show films in their Orig. version.
Göttingen seems to have CineMaxx and they generally play (alteast) one show in English. More details here

Select the "Woche" as 17.05 to 23.05 and you"ll get the schedules. Doesnt say anything about the language here, but on the top left of the schedule table there are phone numbers you can talk to at the Kino to find out.

Good Luck
The CineMaxx here in Göttingen does play English movies, but you have to be quick to catch them. They will play a movie 1 time only in English, usually on a Sunday or Monday night. I'm assuming they'll play the Indiana Jones movie in English, as I'd like to see it, too. Be sure to call the week that it opens and ask about the English showing, or feel free to PM me later this month as a reminder and I'll let you know when I find out. The schedule is posted in the free newspapers here, and I check it weekly for English movies.
The Cinemaxx in Hannover does show English movies -- they used to have one screen dedicated to them -- but unfortunately they have dramatically scaled that back and now they only show them occasionally (and their decisions on which ones to show seem to be by dartboard or Tarot cards).

Just check www.cinemaxx.de for their locations and times. They also have a weekly e-mail newsletter with the upcoming show times at the various locations.


We usually pop over the border to the Netherlands, all are in English except childrens movies, they are both in Dutch and English, you can choose (films like Harry Potter etc)
Indiana Jones is screening at the Cinemaxx Bremen this weekend.
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