Welsh, Scottish, English, and Irish stereotypes

List them here, both good and bad

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Hi there,

was talking with a friend in college last night and she has to present something on the above subject for her English class.

I found this topic Classic English Stereotypes so I probably have quite a few of the English stereotypes already, but hey I didn't want to leave you guys out.

But I don't know much about Scottish or Welsh stereotypes. And maybe someone can give me some Irish ones I haven't come across yet.

I'm going to email her tomorrow with some thoughts, so if anyone has anything to add, that would be great. Good and bad stereotypes please! And maybe if you have experienced it yourself and found there to be a little bit of truth or is it way off the mark.

Now, I am out all day at college and it's our wedding anniversary today so I won't be back to read this again until tomorrow. So can I thank people in advance for replies!

Cheers ! Turas
Scots only cook using a deep fat fryer.
Welsh are supposed to be tight with their money and sheep shaggers to boot. The Irish like a drink... or ten.
I'd say it was the Scottish that are supposed to be tight fisted, oh, and permanently drunk! The Welsh are always breaking in to song.
Theres a number of Scots stereotypes...

The Glaswegian (or Weegie): Usually ill educated, drunk and foulmouthed (Think Rab C Nesbitt). Loves fried food.
Those from Edinburgh: Posher, more cultured version of the Weegie. Loves fried food. Thinks sex is something you put your garbage out in.
Outer Hebridean: Rabid Ultra Protestant. Refuses to believe in anything outside of the bible. Dont even think about speaking to them on a Sunday, thats the devils words you know.
Highlander: Big Bearded & Chunky (the men too).
Bell the cat
The Scots are cleverer by half. It's all the fish we eat. We invented just about everything, ran the British Empire, gave it its monarchy and now dominate the Westminster government. hehehehe
Highlander: Big Bearded & Chunky (the men too).
With that user name I take it you're female from Fort William then?
The Irish ... drunk and belligerent, but they love their mammies oh so much.

Scots, Irish - Anglophobes to the core.

Welsh - English in disguise. In my experience, all are in fact English. But parade about in welsh kit whenever their principality get an international game, though all look, sound and behave like the english. Probably thanks to having been part of England for a significant portion of their rather uneventful existance.

*edit: or are welsh when they arent good enough to get in national england teams, similar to kiwis playing in the scotland rugby team.
The Irish ... drunk and belligerent, but they love their mammies oh so much.
There is a place in the Barony where fat, ugly 29-year English females are turned into spam and fed to their peers.
I'm not referring to anyone in particular - but Bobby Parker said it all on his 1961 hit release single.
By the way, there is a whole thread on the Irish on this forum.
Contact Keydeck if you have the nerve.
Your lucky day. Here's an article about the Scots published today.

BORIS Johnson is to ban Scotsmen from the London Underground in a bid to make the Tube more bearable for everyone else.

The London mayor said a Scots-free Tube would be less intimidating for ordinary travellers, and would not smell so badly of chips, blood, spilt lager and urine.
Scottish women.

The ugly ones were raped by the vikings and left in Scotland, the pretty ones were kidnapped and taken back to the viking lands for wives.

The above is probably not a fact but was told to me in the Crown and Anchor in Findhorn by a group of drunken tcheuchters upon me asking why there were so many women in the area that were "minging"

Having said that the aforementioned is not a fact, it would account for most Scottish people looking as if they have escaped from Darwins waiting room.
They all have a drinking problem. Except for the Welsh, they have a sheep problem.
am I right in saying Scotland is one of the few countries thats never actually been invaded ,i can't be bothered to google cos' im not really that bothered but im sure there's a few jocks around who can put me in my place
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