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Hi all!
it's my friends 21st birthday in a weeks time and we were wondering if there were any burlesque bars or clubs in Berlin? We had a search around on the internet and couldn't seem to find any.
Aimee X
Not sure exactly what you are looking, but Kalkscheune in Mitte often have good "Berlin style" entertainment - comedy and music. Check the program at: http://www.kalkscheune.de -

Then there are the variety shows at places like Hakesche Markt, Friedrichsstadt Palast, and Wintergarten. These are more tourist oriented and less cosy than Kalkscheune.

Hope this helps,

Blue Cow
Roadrunners Pardise sometimes has lame burlesque on if thats any help
Meow Meow,
If you're looking for fabulous burlesque in Berlin please come to the Bassy Club this Wednesday, May 20th. It's the premiere of La Fête Fatale. What is destined to be the Berlin's most deadly party. Here's more info::

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The Secret Seduction Society Presents...
LA FÊTE FATALE No.1 - Where Beauty Meets Bizarre!
Cabaret Burlesque Party - Berlin

WHEN: Wednesday, 20th May '09, doors at 10pm
WHERE: Bassy Club, Schönhauser Allee 176a, Berlin - Prenzlauer Berg

FUTURE DATES: 22nd August '09 & 24th October '09 at the BangBangClub

WHO: The Secret Seduction Society ...
Over the past 3 years Else Edelstahl has been developing the enormously popular event - Bohème Savage. Now it's time for a new project, she has made a group with some of her most talented companions - Lady Lou, Miss Julietta la Doll, Miss Marz Star, and together they are about to launch the Premiere party of what will be Berlin's first regular burlesque event - La Fête Fatale. Here you will see cabaret shows, live bands, audience interaction, DJs, dance and some bizarre surprises thrown in.

WHAT: La Fête Fatale No.1 ...
The theme of the evening is Where Beauty Meets Bizarre. You can marvel at two of the biggest Burlesque stars in Europe: Vicky Butterfly and Millicent Binks, as well as take part in our quirky comedy game-show with prizes, a conférencier who will lead you through the programm, local Burlesque newcomers, tap dancing, bizarre characters and a 5 meter long Albino Burmese Python.

ABOUT: The Talent ...
Burlesque performances by Vicky Butterfly (London, GB), Millicent Binks (London, GB), Mopsy Meyers (Berlin, D), Firelilly (Berlin, D), Marlene von Steenvag (Berlin, D) and Diamond (Berlin, D).
Live Music by Live Band "Tanz Baby!" (Vienne, A) as well as 2 DJs - Johnny Profane (Hamburg, D) & Dr. Hirschfeld (Berlin, D).
Other special guest appearances by Major Obnoxious, Julius the python and HedoLuxe... & of course other secret tasty treats...
All musically presented by the ever talented Conférencier duo of Fez Wrecker and Mlle. Chloe!

Free drinks and prizes for the best dressed, so come early and dress to impress. We dare you!

http://lafetefatale.de // http://myspace.com/lafetefatale

X♥XOxxx, Marzstar, of The Secret Seduction Society
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