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We are moving in to a two bedroom apartmnet in Frankfurt. We know about IKEA and the price range. Is there any other furniture shop in and around frankfurt where we can buy basic bedroom sets/ sofas etc in a similar price range? Is there any website also where we can buy similar products? How does it work if I buy something through E-bay - what kind of freight charges do i have to pay?

Where do I get to buy wrought iron beds at a reasonable rate?

I know I am asking a lot of questions but need the help.
Toytown Germany
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Purple Muffin
I went to Höffner a few weeks ago and was quite impressed. You do need a car to get there though.

As for buying stuff on ebay the seller will put postage costs on the auction or if you cannot see them ask him. Although mostly furniture is collection only.
Thanks purple muffin. I saw the website which does not have a englisg version. While the products in the site adverst looked good could not really find a catalogue.
Also possibly worth a look are the Frankfurt branches of the Thomas-Wohn-Center, Flamme Möbel and Mann Mobilia. On average, they will be more expensive than Ikea, but that's because their stock typically covers a broader price range (from the cheap to the insanely expensive). If price is your main criterion, you can still pick up a bargain at the bottom of the range and look out too for heavy discounts on end-of-line and shop-worn pieces and sets. However, they are not really 'catalogue' shops, so you do have to wear the shoe-leather physically traipsing round the aisles to see what their offers are.

Just my 2d. HTH.
I am from India and on deputation for two years in frankfurt. The cargo charges are insanely expensive - especially if I am taking it by sea via Hamburg. Hence wanted to buy furniture whcih will last two years , not too ugly to look at and can be thrown away when our stay in frankfurt after 2 years get over. I should not sob to let them go !!!

Thanks for the information though
wanted to buy furniture whcih will last two years , not too ugly to look at and can be thrown away when our stay in frankfurt after 2 years get over.
Most furniture is still perfectly usable after two years of normal wear and tear. I hope that by "thrown away" you mean "given away" and not "dumped on a rubbish heap".

I'll recommend Yellow and Kontrast, they have nice things.

Yellow has quiet cheap stuff and Kontrast is expensive, but can give you idea of what you want.

Both shop are situated on Hanauer Landstrasse.

You could also try to register on Frankfurt N'Motion, it is a community website and at least once a week, there is a post about somebody selling stuff!

Good luck!

Thanks Purple Muffin.Went to Hoffner - it is quiet nice and price range is very much cmparable to IKEA.

Kay I have no clue about the second hand furniture market - if it can be sold why not or given away yes or worst case thrown away. What I meant is that I will not be carrying them back after the 2-3 year stay.

Scriptgirl, thanks for the info will surely look into it.

I just love this forum and thanks to all of you guys/gals.
Segmüller in Weiterstadt. Hard to say whether the quality is "better" than IKEA.
... and don't forget that very often the furniture that you choose in some of these places has to be ordered. It can then take several weeks before it is ready to be delivered.
We are looking for some decent furniture (i.e. not IKEA), where are the best place to buy near Frankfurt (other than Mann Mobilia in Eschborn)?

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Segmüller in Weiterstadt. Hard to say whether the quality is "better" than IKEA.
There's a ton of choice here and of course it's more of a "franchise" based store - ie. multiple firms offering goods under one roof not "own brand" like Ikea (which is fine until it comes to delivery dates when you can end up with a bunch of different ones). I'm happy with the quality, service, price I get there though .
Hi I'm going to hijack this thread I'm sorry..

I'm moving to Frankfurt on Wednesday and didn't even think of how long it would take 14 days for Ikea to deliver.. so now I'm stuck trying to find places that will deliver right away. I'm going to give that Yellow Mobel a try since it looks like I can get to it easily from my apartment. If anyone has any advice and stuff then I'd appreciate it. I don't mind paying a little for it either. I'd just like a nice bed to sleep on.
Well mattresses you can buy from the nearest mattress store and usually have delivered pretty much right away. That's what I did. Took my time over frames! Segmüller in my experience deliver what they have in their warehouse pretty much right away (which is by no means all of it as a lot is from other suppliers) and you can do immediate van hire which is preumably big enough for a mattress.
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