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Hi Everyone,

we will PCS from Darmstadt to Boeblingen the end of the month. My husband will be working on Panzer Kaserne.
Our two kids (3 and almost 6) are both visiting German schools/kindergartens.
It was not an issue to have to live on post here in Darmstadt.
So we live in a nice douplex house with a back yard, it is just beautiful.
I have heard now, that one has to move to "on post housing" if available in the Stuttgart community.
Our contact with the housing office on Panzer Kaserne did not help us much, they told us, that we will see, when we get there.

Does anyone have experience with the housing office on Panzer Kaserne and/or the current housing situation around Stuttgart?
We will have to move in a couple of weeks, and I can't tell the schools and Kindergarten here, where to transfer the paperwork for my kids to.
I will have to start working down town Stuttgart, in the beginning on June, myself.
It seems really difficult, doing all that from a hotel room, the first 30 days or so.

Maybe someone can share some experience or give some advice.

Thanks :-)
There are already several topics covering your questions in this forum. Just do some browsing and you'll find everything you need.
The housing office is a scam. Read the other posts!
this is true.. and watch out for scam realtors that lie about everything. size, costs, travel distances... you'll get the gut feeling when you run across the ones i'm talking about. trust the feeling and find another realtor!
You probably won't have to live on post. I have new Military neighbors (Enlisted if that makes any difference) who just moved in last week and they were allowed to live on or off post. Apparently the housing office has undergone some changes and is 'supposedly' not as bad as it used to be. Some of the dead wood has been cleared out and the powers that be have been investigating some of the many claims about unfair treatment and dodgy dealings with Realtors. The proof is in the pudding I guess and time will be the best judge of that.
What about all the empty housing over at Robinson that has now been renovated and are all ready for "move in"? It is my understanding that if housing is available on base, you will not get a non-availability statement to live off post.

It is true that housing here won't tell you anything, either way, until you sign in with them....good luck.
Good Afternoon all,

I am currently looking for off-post housing, and would like to know the typical charges that is required to move in. Do you initially have to pay the month rent(cold),the utility rent (warm), plus two additional rent for deposit (refundable), not to mention possible agency fees? I am asking for anyone with prior moving experience to give me some info on this because this really seems overwhelming at the moment. I am aware of what allowances the military pays for off post housing but does it get paid up front or does the amount get paid the following month? Any information on current living situation on the On-post side(2bdr)would be nice as well. I will be working in Patch. Thanks for making this site great!
First month's rent + nebenkostan (my spelling is off on this)
Deposit (can be up to 2 month's rent).
If you use a Realtor then the realtor fee (2 months rent minus the VAT)

The Housing office on Panzer can give you the particulars also.

I don't pay utiltites to the LL as I pay direct to ENBW for elec & gas. I pay the water once a year
Thanks holyloch, and for the ones who are new to this as I am, You can find more about Stuttgart Onpost/offpost housing by searching with keywords such as "offpost housing". I thought all questions and Answers related to Stuttgart would be found by searching the keyword "Stuttgart", silly me.
I just want to add that I decided to move On post. I am at Patch Housing with a 3bdr, 2 bath, 1,200+ sq feet, utilities incl, dumpster few feet away(free), and a nice playground right outside the door. I was totally against moving on-post but do yourself a favor and check out what they have to offer on-post before commiting yourself to live off post. I know there are great places to live off post but just think of all the hassels with contracts,maintenance fees, waiting for the right place to live, agencies, driving to work, German living expenses such as trash,gas,and water. I think the worst of searching off post is that everyone is looking at the same 1 or 2 houses available starting a bid war over a descent but not so great place to start off with. I was at the Agency office and they were setting up an appoitment for this lady to take a look at this one house off post that had like 7 other people showing up that same day. Housing on Patch were last remodeled in 2003, I think it is a nice place to live so far, but I hear Robinson Barracks have larger and improved housing accomodations.
At home

How about internet and t.v.? How does this work on Patch?
Internet, telephone, and TV is hooked up through TKS (onpost) it started working withn a few hours from the time I signed up for it. It is expensive but so is Germany. I dont recall the rate. Actually TV is already preinstalled with AFN channels but I paid for additional channels from TKS.
At home
Thanks daman002. I am in the same boat you use to be. I may be pcsing to Stuttgart this summer and have the same questions you had.
My wife is pregnant(with our second child) so they offered us a 3bdr and that was the reason why we gave on post a try after previously seeking off post housing. You will get all the information that you need during in processing but if I could make a few recommendations it would be to check out: http://oph-stuttgart.net/ for off post housing, this is the same housing site that the Army contracted agency will offer you once you arrive. Second I would find out what the waiting list is for on post housing, there may be a way that you can be placed on the list before you arrive. I was fortunate enough to have a place to move in the very next day that I decided to move on post, but I guess it all depends on what housing type you will be placed on. You can decide for yourself once you arrive and if you do pick on post, you will be happy that you reserved a spot in advance.
At home
Thanks. We will rate a 3bdrm as well. (2kids) And I have been looking at the link you sent me. Just really confusing with everything I am reading. Some people say the wait for on post is long, others say not really. Some sites say you must live on post, others say you have an option. I think the option thing was over the past year when they were standing up AFRICOM and it was really crowded. I will get there early and scout out housing then send for the family. How about you washer and dryer? Do you have in your unit or do you share?
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