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Pils Stube recommendations

After 3 years of living in Rosenheim, I have become accustomd to a certain style of drinking establishment, and before I start to worry about minor details like a job or a place to live in munich I better make sure I can find somewhere nice to drink.

What I really need is a tiny pub the has mostly retired or unemployed men in their 40s and 50s, an old robust barmaid, and a classy mixture of schlager, 80s classics and country and western blaring out the old AM clock-radio (turned uo far too loud) in the corner.

Preferably a TSV 1860 pub. Damoi a Löwe, oi wei a Löwe!

Helles must cost less than 3 Euros!!

EDIT: I forgot to mention, no friggen chicks. Last thing I need is chick all over me greasing up for dick. I wanna sink piss in peace, with the boys If I want some poon, I will suss it on the U-Bahn...
Basically all your criteria are filled by Zum Fuchs on Schwanthalerstr. So get yourself a place in Westend young man.

Having said that, this kind of bar exists absolutely all over the place. I'll avoid questioning your taste in drinking establishment...and music...for the time being.
Assuming you aren't taking the piss, just look for any "Pils Stube". A particularly bad one is "Le Clou" in Heilig Geist Str.

My personal favourite pub for when I feel like a quiet beer by myself, or even socialising would have to be the Schwabinger 7 in Feilitzstr. Small, dark, very loud heavy music (but with a clear system, so you can still talk if you want), mixed crowd and no fucking sports tvs on the wall.
Seriously, every neighborhood has at least two or three of these kinds of dives. More often than not though, they will have atleast one or two regular old skanky bar flies.
So Kza you may have to take a number before claiming a spot.
<cough cough>

"Le Clou" is one of the HIGHER CLASS versions of this type of pub!

A pub crawl through 80469:

There's another just round the corner past the fish stalls opposite Sedlmayers that gets full of real charachters. Abeit higher class (sells Kölsch) is Cherie on Gärtnerplatz, round the corner on Reichenbachstr is Theatreklause (an old local of mine). The Westermühlstüberl on Westermühlstrasse has just gone through a bit of a revival since getting a new landlord. The Resi Alm opposite is VERY Bavarian and further along near the church is my local: Allerlei - Augustiner Helles: € 2.50 !

(These pubs not "play for the other the other team" pubs but do reflect the make up of the area)
"Le Clou" is one of the HIGHER CLASS versions of this type of pub!
Yeah, you are probably right. It was never my scene. I guess I will always prefer the Schwabinger 7.

Then again, there is always the Sunshine Pub.
there is always the Sunshine Pub
Oh the sophisticated "Moonlight Lounge" on the Müllerstrasse!

I don't think you can say you've done the pubs of Munich till you've done that one:
Rent-boys, crims, low lifes, pimps, dealers, drunkards, le crème de la crème of the gay scene straggling for one more drink and one more roll of the dice at 6AM in the morning and staying till the late afternoon making it a real 24 hour bender !

Or so I've heard.
Chalmondley Warner
As mentioned above, there's one of these types of pubs on just about every street.

One which has always intrigued me is Big Ben which, despite what it's name might suggest, is definitely not an English pub. They describe themselves as a "Stüberl" and "Sportkneipe". Sits about 15. Never any chicks in there any time I've walked past. Except for the one behind the bar.

Attached image

Big Ben
Hohenzollernstr. 120
Munich Schwabing (near Hohenzollernplatz, U2 North)
Tel. 089 3002341
Malcolm Spudbury
I went in Big Ben once, I think on a TT pub crawl back in the early days. It's a bit of a dive, with the locals giving you the "you aren't from around these parts" look when you walk in.
Yup Malcolm, I was on that pub crawl too... Big Ben is a very strange place... looks like the owner maybe thought about making it an english pub at the beginning (cricket pictures on the wall etc) but then realised that it was never going to get above the status of old man's local and figured he'd leave it at that...
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