"One Euro" bargain stores in Munich

Local equivalents of Dollar Store

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Hey guys.
Just wondering if anyone knows of any good 1 Euro Stores(a lot like the One Dollar stores in the states or the One Pound shops in the UK). Anywhere in Munich or Bavaria. Post here and we can compile a list for future reference.

You mean shops that sell loads of cheap shit for 1 euro? Not sure about that but 'schnaeppchen Maerkte' can be found around the place, there's one on Tegernseerlandstr. about halfway between Ostfriedhof and the Post.

Edit: The way things are going we'll get pretty good deals taking one euro to Britain or the US and coming back with houses, cars, boats...
There all over. Some are even called... The 1 Eur store..
Editor Bob
There's one at the back of Real (formerly known as Wal-Mart) on the Euroindustriepark. It's in the same building as Real, but kind of separated off. I can't remember what it's called exactly, but it's full of crap all at pocket change prices.
The Beaver
We've got 3 of them in the piddly town of 50k that I live in. Most of what they sell is absolute shit. Plastic tidbits and really cheap socks and crappy stationary. It's too bad they are not more like the 100 yen stores in Japan. They actually sold some worthwhile stuff. I still have my glass ball globe and cheap sake set from there...
Hi people

Looking for any Poundstretcher/Pound shop or cheap shops in Munich for stuff like Christmas decorations i.e baubles, tinsel.. the usual, cleaning products, like Poundstretcher in England. Does anyone know? Would be really helpful, the prices in the Garden Centres and other shops for christmas things and general things is so expensive.

There must be somewhere like this in Munich surely, not everyone has lots of money?


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You mean like a Dollar Store or a Euro Store?

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Yeah Gen like a Euro Store, things for a Euro or just very low priced things. Not tacky things but things like christmas decorations and other bits and bobs.
Follow the link ... but if you're in Taufkirchen just go to Ikea, they have 60 baubles for under a tenner.
Thanks Gen, I have found there is a TEDI in Munich New Perlach area, will be going there.

Thank you
This is a good thread and I was wondering if anyone had some updated information on these stores.

Basically I need some household things like pots, pans, microwave, toaster oven, sheets, cutting board, tape, etc...

Ikea is too far. Are there any second hand shops that sell more than just clothes?
Have a look at Euroshop, there´s one in Sonnestrasse and one near Goetheplatz if I remember correctly.

(EDIT: it´s a one euro shop, they might have some of the things you´re looking for, not sure if they have pots too).
There is no Euroshop there. Or anymore at least.

Any other suggestions??
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