Quark cheese (Speisequark)

What is it? And is it good for cheesecake?

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So, after a quick search. What is this strange and not so rare item. This quark of the non-physics kind. I am trying to make a cheesecake and this has been suggested as an ingredient. I am full of doubt because a) German cheese cake tastes like it was baked with a sock inside B ) Sour cream this is not.
Search yeemonkey
I did, of course, the word quark does appear once in that thread.

Found this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ9RMpEM9KQ
Thanks bal, clear and perfect danger.
Quark is what makes German Käsekuchen different from American Cheesecake. Don't use it in your US recipe.
You can buy Philly Cream Cheese in all supermarkets here. Why on Earth would you want to use flavorless quark
It's largely dairy fat of course. It's also commonly used for tatziki, a not uncommon main meal here (ie. with potatoes).
you can use quark for loads of stuff, e.g.:

- German Cheesecake
- various other cakes and pastries
- add to Mascarpone when making Tiramisu so it's not so fatty
- make Tzaziki
- use instead of cream cheese
- make Pellkartoffeln & Quark
- spread on bread and top with smoked salmon, jam etc
Recipes: http://www.google.de/search?hl=de&q=Qu...ezept&meta=
Quark is called White Cheese in GB.
The big difference between it and the type of cream cheese you use for American cheese cake is that Quark is made from skimmed sour milk and contains almost no fat while cream cheese is made from slightly sour whole milk plus cream.

The different fat rate is what makes Quark react differently to cooking or baking. Therefore, as has already been stated in this thread, Quark is not suitable for American cheese cake recipes.
However, being a native Bavarian I must protest our cheesecake being called flavourless. Forget about the deep frozen stuff or cheesecake from your local baker. That's mass production and tastes like cardboard.
For a really good German cheesacake you need a little vanilla and lots of lemon zest. Rum-soaked raisins are optional. For kids you can use tangerine instead. You can also add a little custard to the Quark before baking it.

If you like, I can give you my family recipe for cheesecake with Quark

Quark is rather versatile and you can make a lovely dressing for poached eggs from it, or a variety of yummy spreads with herbs and spices. With fruit and vanilla sugar it makes a delicious dessert or tasty pancake filling. There are also recipes for sweet Quark soufflees and puddings.

And the best thing is: Quark is totally low calory but high protein food
Mmm, Quark with strawberry jam for breakfast...
Owain Glyndwr
Quark is called White Cheese in GB.
are you absolutely sure about that? I've never heard it called "white cheese" before.
Small Town Boy
The closest thing to quark in the UK is called Fromage Frais.
just ate some vanilla quark for lunch...yummy, so good
The closest thing to quark in the UK is called Fromage Frais.
Apart from Quark that is...which is sold in most supermarkets!
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