Prince Philip is ill

Update: Buckingham Palace deny he has cancer

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Sky are reporting that Phil the Greek is having problems with his lungs, I have had Dinner with him a few times and he is actually a great stand up comic and a very nice man, (provided the press are not arround) and i wish him a speedy recovery
I was only round his for a pork pie and the match the other night - I reckon the 40 Bensons he got through are what's done it.
BBC isn't reporting anything yet.
Seems he's been admitted to hospital with a chest infection. He is 86 - never realised!
In my previous life at various MOD dinners, I can say he is a total laugh, At one dinner with Billy Connolly, he with Prince Charles did a reverse interview with him and Charles asking questions to Billy Connolly and Pamela Stevenson about what it was like being the King and Queen, This was after the port had been passed around, a lot of port past around!!!
the Royal fam in the UK get a lot of stick for being stuck up snobs, from all I have seen on various occassions, they are not, they tend to be very quick with the wit and could hold their own with many of the stand up comics. I was in stiches watching prince Charles asking Pamela Stevens if she gave good oral sex and then Philip asking Billy Connolly to confirm she did, (he didnt answer)
I hope he gets well soon
Good to know they can conduct themselves in such a way and not have to worry about guests blurting out the details to anyone willing to listen... ;-)
Patron of the British Gliding Association... Phil the Greek was introduced to gliding by Sir Peter Scott
In my previous life at various MOD dinners, I can say he is a total laugh...
I can picture it now. Everyone on first name terms.
My dad met him a few times when in the military.
Seems a nice enough bloke on one level. Likes his porn apparently.
In the news today: Prince Philip in prostate cancer scare

Buckingham Palace yet to confirm rumours though.
Bell the cat
Buckingham Palace appear to be denyig the rumors and callingthe Evening Standard stoy a breach of provacy:
I see you also use the Grauniad spell checker BTC...
Bell the cat
no, I just type like a chimpanzee ...
Don't normally have too much good to say about the royal family, but he always seemed like a bit of a cruiser. My mum and dad also met him, and they said he was alright. Get well Phil.
From BBC Online: Apology over prince cancer story

A newspaper has issued an unreserved apology to the Royal Family over a story that the Duke of Edinburgh had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The London Evening Standard said the "distressing allegation" was untrue and constituted a breach of privacy. (...)

Buckingham Palace welcomed the apology and the Press Complaints Commission said the matter was now settled.

In its apology, the paper said the duke was "not suffering from any such condition".

"We unreservedly apologise both to him and to his family for making this distressing allegation and for breaching his privacy," it added.
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