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Big Red Mac
Heya folks, I recently arrived in Berlin and seem to have gotten about eight kilo's heavier since I left home a few months back. I have brought my boxing gloves but I need to get my hands on some focus mitts (sorry bout the pun, couldn't help myself.) Does anyone know the where abouts of a martial arts supply store or a big sports warehouse?

And on the subject, I have read the other threads on which gym to go to but I am looking for something quite different to the standard machines/classes. Any suggestions on parks that are central, large enough and not too crowded? (Not that I imagine crowded is a big issue given the current weather...) Or something along the lines of a Y.M.C.A. or sports hall?


hi...well...i don´t know anything about a gym you would like but at least i can name you a good martial arts supplly store...

wait...i give you the link ( hopefully it´s okay for you that´s in german): they seem to have nearly everything fo the different types of martial arts sports...

it´s in kreuzberg...their address is: gneisenaustrasse 8, 10961 berlin-kreuzberg

hope they have what you like:-)
Here in Charlottenburg is a Martial Arts supply store in either Goethe or Schiller strasse, close to the Wilmersdorfer Strasse
Big Red Mac
Thanks folks.
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