Handicraft shops in central Munich

For buying bits to make stuffed toys etc.

Hi, does anyone know of any good handy craft shops in Munich (city center preferably) where one can buy all the bits and pieces needed to make stuffed toys (eyes, noses, fabrics, etc).

Many thanks
Kraft shop in Karlsplatz U-bahn/S-bahn station...name escapes me at moment...basically under the Mathäser movie theater. That shop is pretty good and has a good selection of all sorts of craft items. Another shop to look at would be Kaut Bollinger near Marienplatz (Rosenstr. 8). Their craft items are on the top floor. Smaller selection, but worth a look. Oh, and the toy store at Karlsplatz (name also escapes me...brain malfunction today) also has a few craft items.

Edit: Obletter toys
The craft store near Mathäser is called Idee and it's probably the best in Munich. Otherwise you can try two online stores: www.opitec.de or www.vbs-hobbywelt.de. Both carry what you're looking for, and I find the prices to be more reasonable than Idee. Good luck!
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