Cheap ways of getting to Bamberg from Munich

Info on rail tickets and driving etc.

I would like to visit Bamberg. Is it possible to get there with a Bayern Ticket? How much and how long is the ICE train? I may think about carpooling. Long drive?
Bayern Ticket.
Bell the cat
agreed. ICE is expensive, Bayern ticket on the regional trains is a lot cheaper
Small Town Boy
The regional trains will take several hours to get to Bamberg – it's a long way. So it won't really work for a day trip. But obviously you already knew that because you looked up train times on the DB website... And already checked out the car-pooling options...
Book it 4-5 days before on a DB special. Sometimes cheaper by ICE! Look at theit website!
Go for the Munich-Nürnburg trains that operate via the new inter city line but as RE trains where the Bayern Ticket is valid.
Always up for a fast cheap ride me.
Small Town Boy
Oh yeah, I forgot you Münchner have that new line. We still have to trundle via Regensburg.
But just think how much faster the journey will be with the Transrapid STB!
I once travelled back fron Bamberg on a Bayern Pass, took ages! But I was in very pleasant company all the way!
So no, complaints from me!
It's either time or money...
3hrs 30 mins one-way by Bayern-Ticket using regional trains only; including changing in Nuremberg with a waiting time of 55mins due to bad connections
or 2hrs 30mins one-way on a direct ICE train via Augsburg - Nuremberg (ICE trains that stop in Bamberg usually operate via Augsburg).

If booked a couple of days in advance with the "Dauer Spezial", the ICE roundtrip would be 58 EUR per person; regular price for the ICE roundtrip is 108 EUR per person.
Bayern-Ticket is EUR 27 for the roundtrip - for up to 5 persons.
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