Lamb brain preparation tips

And is it fit for human consumption anyway?

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On Saturday I was at the grocery store with a friend, and we found this in the meat section.

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It's lamb brain. (Where is the vomiting smiley when you need it?) That brought up the question who would eat that? And how? Do you fry it? Bake it? Chop it up or keep it's original brain shape? Is it for humans even? Or dogs or cats? Since some people here do seem to possess some culinary skills, I thought I'd ask. Not that I plan on eating it, just curious.
Yum yum, CJD in celo packaging. Nice.
To be found at Carrefour at las Ramblas in Barcelona. Did Spain ever have any cases of CJD? In lambs?
Eleanor Rigby
I used to dissect these by the dozen in university. They were pretty gross.
Owain Glyndwr
CJD? In lambs?
scrapie. present in sheep since the 18th century. strangly enough, despite it being a transmissible spongiform encephalopathingamyjig just like BSE no-one has linked it to variant-CJD yet. mmmm.
ER, I found them pretty gross in the grocery store. But I didn't know what kind of brain it was so I took a picture to look up the word later (and then thought of posting about it on TT to find out what they're for). Why would they sell them at a grocery store if they're for dissecting though? I think they are intended to be eaten somehow.
I had to dissect a fish once, I found that pretty disgusting, too. Maybe that's why I don't eat fish unless it is shaped like fish fingers, and only about once a year if at all.

@ OG, thanks. So do you think any human would eat a lamb's brain then?

Edit: I suppose some humans would (see Cartooncat's post).
My Mum used to make a potted meat thing in aspic using them.

Probably explains a lot...
Eleanor Rigby
I'm sure those are for eating, no idea by who though.

Ours were soaked in formaldehyde.
Owain Glyndwr
So do you think any human would eat a lamb's brain then?
yup, the Norwegians have a dish using sheep brains.
Gordon Ramsay cooking his own lamb brain in his house ...
Almost every culture has a recipe or two for brains, often marinated or cooked in milk. Otherwise they get/got used for tanning smaller animal hides. Whether or not they're a cvector for disease transmission is still being debated. Brains are extremely high in cholesterol and like fois gras (but moreso), you can't eat that much in a single sitting.

When we cook rabbit Belgian-style, the head is in the pot for flavour and I usually eat from that as well: bunny brain is small but tasty.

had it once without knowing! wasn't that bad!
From Wikipedia:

In Spain the visceral organs are used in many traditional dishes but their use is falling out of favor with the younger generations. Among traditional dishes are callos (cows intestines, very traditional in Madrid and Asturias), liver (often prepared with onion), kidneys (often prepared with Sherry wine), brains,criadillas (bull's testicles), cow's tongue, etc.
But things like tripe and sweetbreads used to be commonplace in the UK and many other countries, too.
In NZ as a baby I was fed pureed cooked lambs brains. They were supposed to be good for you!
I'm pretty certain the Weisses Bräuhaus in Tal do brains, they certainly do meals made out of just about every part of the animal.
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