How to take a screenshot using a German keyboard

What keys to press


Can anyone please tell me how to do a screenshot using a German keyboard? I don´t have a Print Screen button, just Druck, is that it...? anyway, nothing seems to happen.

I have a Dell Inspirion 6400 if that helps.

Malcolm Spudbury
Strg-Druck should do it.

Press that key and ctrl-V wherever it applies.
So, I should get something from this I can post into an email? Nothing seems to be happening unfortunately.

PS. I have never done a screenshot in my life before, even on an English computer, so am not sure what to expect.
First press STRG then DRUCK.

Then open Windows Word. Click on Bearbeiten then Einfügen.

Save it as a Word document and send it off as an attachment.

Renia, just Druck (without Strg) works for me and I can paste into an Outlook mail. However, it doesn't work when trying to paste into gmail. Easiest is to do what LiaB said and put it into a Word doc.
Thanks! It worked this time.

Useful to know for the future.
Just hitting Druck (or PrtScn or PrintScreen) will place a screenshot of the entire screen on the clipboard. Holding down the Alt key while hitting Druck will put a screenshot of only the active application's window on the clipboard. This allows you to do a screenshot of a particular application without having to select and crop for clarity &/or security.

Does anyone know Strg stands for? In a quick go on an online translator I found Steuerung. Not sure if its correct though.
It is.
I can highly recommend FSCapture for capturing screen areas. This small and simple windows application enhances the key-press options and provides the ability to capture screen areas, objects, windows or freeform shapes, and then to simply manipulate and save them in different formats. The link I have provided downloads V5.3 of this tool which is freeware and freely distributable. Later versions became shareware with restricted distribution.
I can also recommend MWSnap, which is freeware, at
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