Money orders in a foreign currency - Germany

How to send a moneygram abroad, e.g. to the U.S.

I need to get a money order in foreign currency. Where can I get one? Does the post offices here issue money orders?
so i just did a search on this and came up on a thread where the guy asked a similar question and it was never answered. hopefully i get some resonses i was wondering if i could get something like an american money order, but here, to send to the US. i was going to try a moneygram/western union, which is easy from my end here to do, but unfortunately the person i'd like to send it to is in a teeny small town, where there are no western union/moenygram agents, and they are also in no condition to drive anywhere.
thank you much!
You can go to the Deutsche Post and do a "Internationale Postanweisung", which in essence is the same as an international money order.
Tried the Postanwweisung way and my local post office told me that they don't offer such services and gave me a western Union form instead. The thing is I still need to buy a money order/certified check and send it to the government (Hence no Western Union possible).
Goto your local Bank and buy an American Travelers check for the required currency/amount.
There is no such thing as a Money order in Germany, and deff. not something for international use.
If you don't have U.S. bank account for these types of things, is there anyone over there you trust enough to do it for you? You can Paypal U.S. dollars from here to that person, then they write a check.

Thinking out loud.
No money order services in Germany? Wow, that's interesting and inconvenient. I need to send a money order to the Australian Federal Police to obtain a national police clearance for a visa application. I still have an Australian bank account back home but how am I supposed to access this to get a money order in Oz? I don't quite understand. Does anyone here have any ideas? It seems cumbersome to send the application to my parents in Oz, get them to get a money order and post it with the application.
That would probably be the best way to do it, though. When I first moved here Germany did have money orders but they discontinued them.
Why not go to/thru the AU Consulate in Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin - Link
American Express Travel Services may be able to help you, call or visit the office in your city.
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