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Hello to everyone!

My husband was notified yesterday that he will be required to make a move to Patch Barracks within 60 days. Just like everybody I now have questions about moving to a new place!

Firstly, we need to find out about securing a place to live. He will be allowed to live in town, not required to live on base, so we need to find out a few things about apartments/flats, houses, etc... We would rather not use the housing office because we have heard some bad things about them, so now we are looking for some first hand opinions. We have no children, and we may bring our dogs, but they are small so that isn't really a big factor. What are the preferred neiborhoods, ones to stay away from, etc?

Second, is it a good idea to bring our car? It seems that parking can be expensive and difficult.

Last (at least for now), can anyone elaborate on choices for internet connectivity in Stuttgart and the surrounding areas? I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home, basically anwhere in the world, so I will require a good connection because I participate in video conference calls over webcam. My husband and I also like to talk to family and friends over the webcam, so a nice fast speed is important.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to coming to this beautiful city!


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1. Finding housing. You have to go thru the housing office to some extent. They have to approve your lease at least. When you arrive, you will check in with them. It is worth checking their listings since you won't have to pay a Makler fee if you find a house through them. If you find a house on your own - then you most likely have to pay a realtor a fee to find you a place - this is usually 1.5% to 2% of your monthly rent. Don't know if your husbands work will pay for that.
2. Housing should be no problem. We have two dogs with us (would never consider a move with out them ) so to be honest, I wonder why you say you MAY take them?
3. Internet - no problem. Your are not moving to remotes parts of Africa ... You have no worries regarding your internet.
4. Yes, bring your car. I am sure your husbands work will ship one car. Bring it so you can explore Europe, etc. We have our car and will probably buy another here. Depending where you live, you may need a car to do your shopping.

I am sure others will chime in.
Here are a few property finders that were given to me thru the housing office. Americans associated with the base pay much higher rent than the avg German. Not sure if you can get around paying less - or if its worth the effort. You need to find out how much you get for housing.
hi Jessi

when are you moving to Stuttgart
I know Patch Barraks and nice areas closer to , for living.
My husband works in Patch Barraks, and we rent nice apartment very near. I know little german, I can help you with finding apartment for free:)))
when you arrive let me know, I can show you around
very closest area to Patch Barraks is Stuttgart-Vaihingen, where we rent apartment. we drive only 5 minuts to Patch Barraks, and it's also close to downtown too, by S-Bahn takes about 12-14 minuts to downtown.
just PM me, if you have other guestions
also I know housing office in other base near to Patch Barraks, Panzern Kazerne, they 'll help you find apartment,but you have to look at the city map, and have some idea about nice areas and closer to work.otherwise if you don't know what you want, it's gonna be a little complicated. I mean, if you rent in rush somewhere far and with not good infrastructure, you'll be sorry. One thing about apartments for rent with Housing office , I understood they usually more expensive, then in other adverts in German newspapers or immobilienscout website. of course if you rent apartment with housing office in base you don't pay for their service, if you find apartment with german rieltors, you have to pay them agents fee(as minimum 1,5-2 month rent)
anyway, if you want to talk, let"s talk:)))
Hello Jessie

Patch Barracks is located in Stuttgart-Vaihingen near the university. Vaihingen is a very quiet part of Stuttgart. You could call it a low crime area, but even
using the word crime would be somehow inappropriate for this peaceful place. The areas where you'll want to stay away from are not near Patch Barracks.
(PM me for more info, i don't want to step on anyones toes...)

You'll probably want to ship your car over here. Although Stuttgart has a highly developed public transport system, having a car is probably a good idea.
Parking in downtown Stuttgart is a bit of a problem. In Vaihingen it's somehow ok. There's a large parking garage at the mall in Vaihingen. From there,
shops, the post office, restaurants, etc.. are in walking distance. If you don't mind taking a 20min walk, then those places are even in "walking distance" of
Patch Barracks. You can walk through this part of the city without being afraid of getting mugged.

You'll notice that there are several car dealerships in Vaihingen near Patch Barracks where they'll try to sell you a german car suitable for autobahn
driving :-)

DSL internet connections with speeds up to 16Mbit downstream and 1Mbit upstream are readily available in the Stuttgart area. You'll have the choice
between several providers. (Again, PM me for more info since i'm not going to rant on certain providers in public ...)

Hope this helps.
Thank you all for all of your wonderful replies. Your offers of help will be of great importance to me!

I say that we might bring our dogs because we're unsure if we want to leave them with my brother or bring them. Dennis (my husband) and I keep the dogs at our place, but my brother and his wife live very near and they almost share ownership! Given the information that I've received, I will more than likely pack them up and bring them over.

One thing I forgot to ask about is the shopping! Everything from groceries to clothes and things. How is the PX\Commisary on Patch Barracks? Are other military installations nearby easily accessible? What are German shopping malls like?

I will surely be sending messages to those who offered help over private message. Thank you all again, and I can't wait to get to Germany!
don't worry about shopping:)) almost the same as in US:))
here in downtown of Stuttgart almost all those shops as Mango, Zara,like in US, when you 'll walk on Koenigstrasse< you'll see almost all the famouse stores
there a few big molls, they call them shopping-center.
about food and merchs in Patch Barraks and PX/BX there was separate topic somwhere in here
in my opinion th choise of food in Komissary in Patch Barraks is good, you'll find almost everything.German groseries have a lot of choise too, like very good bread,milk produkts,sausages, vegetables.
in PX I don't shop for closes, but other things like make-up, thing for household I'll buy there
also there is one of my favorite molls-"Breiningenland" in Sindelfingen, very near to Patch Barraks. there is a lot of stores inside. one of my favorite american make-up stores-MAC is there.
about cars, often inside of grosery shop in Patch Barraks they have a desk, tehre you can find cars for sale.also in the base people often move from country to country, you can find car or furniture(anything for house!) on that desk for sale.
we bought almost all the funriture , when we just arrived in German Red Crist(Deutche Rot Cross)
they are located in Boeblingen-Hult. I don't remember the adress exactly, but I can ask for you later if you want
When filling your soft drink from the machine in Taco Bell you might have to thwack it sharply on the side in order to stop the flow rather than just pressing the button. That's all the advice I can offer.
And the drinks machine in Subway is full of ants, don't ever use it!
Ewww. I think I used it once. Never again.
Good advice.
we bought almost all the funriture , when we just arrived in German Red Crist(Deutche Rot Cross)
they are located in Boeblingen-Hult. I don't remember the adress exactly, but I can ask for you later if you want
Any recommended furniture stores is greatly appreciated. Right now, I only know how to get to IKEA.
Despite what I've heard from others, I think the Commissary is quite good. You won't be able to find much for specialty items, but you can usually find something in a German supermarket if you didn't have any luck on post. My only reccommendation would be to get your bread etc from bakeries out in town for a couple of reasons. One, because it usually tastes better, two, because the bread at the Commissary usually expires the next day.
The PX on Panzer is decent for everything except clothing. Things are quite a bit more expensive on the economy than back home, even from the same stores, just so you're aware.
Any recommended furniture stores is greatly appreciated. Right now, I only know how to get to IKEA.
you are very welcome! if anyone would like more information about furnitures , bikes , computers and etc, ask me:))
all the furniture for our 3 room apartment included 2 dressers,1 twin bed,1 double bed, 1couch ,1 loveseat, 2 soft chairs(all the same color in pretty good condition, 1 dinig table with 6 chairs, 3 night lapms had cost us 550 euro!!! ))
thanks to Troy, freand of my husband, he been here about 6 years, and he helped us a lot
now it' s my turn to help other people.
by the way, it's easy to find German Red +, it's like I said in Boeblingen-Hult, near to Ikea warehouse
The Red Cross furniture hall is situated in Boeblingen Hulb round the corner from Real. It does have a large selection of second hand furniture, some is serviceable but quite a lot is a throwback to the 50's & 60's! Hey retro is coming back!! Mostly the warehouse and the furniture has that musty smell of old people.
It's worth a look see now and again but I wouldn't bank on getting quality furniture on a regular basis. red cross furniture hall Boblingen
sorry, Nicole is right, it's in Boeblingen -Hulb
we didn't bring our furniture from US, and we not planning to take the furniture what we got in RED Cross back to US, I mean after several years we'll spend here,we won't be sorry give away or just throw away it
we bought new mattresses for 70 euro each in RED Cross, when actual price in other stores for 1 twin sixe mattress cost about 160-250 euro
yes, there is second hand furniture, but what else can you expect from scuh place as RED CROSS?
compare to IKEAs furniture, the "old" wooden furniture of 50-60th-is real good and strong.
, may be it doesn't look modern and not so stylish.when I brought it home, I washed and wiped out with special furniture oil with good smell of lemon, and the washable things have been washed,we don't smell the other people smell:)
Most Americans live around Panzer or Patch, that would be Schonaich, Boeblingen, Sindelfingen, and surroundings. You should check a map. This country is made up of town after town right next to each other but with farming, bike paths and such in between. A car is a must. Bring it. Many many people are moving on the base now and thousand more are coming with little preparation by the command. Patch is so packed you can hardly find a parking spot. As far as dogs go...some places won't take them and there is so much traveling to be done that leaving your pet and finding someone to watch it may be a real nuisance. I know there are alot of advertisements around for pet sitters. If your brother can take them then I would let him. Flying them over is a major thing too. And honestly, it's very populated around here and I wouldn't want a dog barking in my complex.

Traffic is really bad in this area so if you find a place on-line come back here and ask about the flow of traffic to and from that area. We live S. of STR and the bases (35 km) and it takes my husband 1 1/2 hours to get to work in the morning versus 30 mins. coming home. Plus a very long wait to just get on the base. Alot of people live a ways out. There are alot of lovely houses and apartments farther out that you should consider.

Try to keep your deposit on your apartmet/house LOW. Some landlords try to keep the deposit for any number of reasons. We have insurance against being sued by our landlord. I recommend it. Ask the housing office or pm me. You shoiuld go through housing to get your contract done correctly. Your husbands company/command will not approve just any contract. It must be done to their standard before they dish out the dough, ours had to

The Commissary and the PX are awesome in my opinion (but everyone always bitches about what they "don't have". I feel lucky to have the benefits the base offers us. The library is pretty good too. Just the parking is a thing as mentioned. You can always buy stuff on-line or shop anywhere but the base. There are alot of outlet stores in Metzingen.

A definite must have is a GPS system. You will driving around looking for an apartment and you will need it. Plus you can get anywhere in Europe with it. Get that car paperwork done asap. And get on the apartment finding too. There are so many people to compete with for housing now.

We use PJSNET for internet. They have English speaking service and have been very efficient.

Oh, cell phones. Don't get a contracted phone. It's more expensive and hard to get out of the contract.

I can also meet with you and have a chat about things. It's a big thing to move to any foreign country.

Your lucky you found this site. It's the best. Good luck.
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