Nightclubs around Wiesbaden, Mainz, Mainz-Kastel

Recommended hip hop and R&B clubs

Hey all you Hip Hop and R'n B peoples out there...

Can anyone give me a hint where to find a decent (as in good music LOL) club in or around Wiesbaden/Mainz/Mainz kastell? I know there's got to be something but where?

I'm American and if some fellow Americans would frequent those clubs, too - all the better but I appreciate anykind of fun people sharing the vibes! :-)

tx and have a great weekend @ll.
The only club I know is Euro Palace.Not the greatest place but its the only place that has survived and plays hip hop.
Where is this place? In Mainz?
Hi Nashira,

I used to live in Frankfurt and will be moving back there in the next couple of months which I am extremely happy about.

Whiles I was there I used to go to a place called the Natrix in Darmstadt, I think it has changed it's name to Catwalk now though, also there used to be a club in Hanau called Millenium and a Blacksounds in Hanau also. In Frankfurt there are not really that many clubs for hip hop not that I can remember anyway.

I hope we can stay in contact so that when I get there we can go out cause it is hard to find people especially girls to go out with, especially ones that are into the same music.

p.s. yeah the Europalace is in has several different rooms and half a boat in the middle of the club where the deck is the dance floor. They have all types of music there.
ooooh I forgot...

But you most probably already know ... Yours Sports bar on a Sunday night is good also.
Kelsi is a really good website to find out what kind of music a club will be playing on a given day.

I haven't been, but I've heard that Star Club in Mainz plays more R&B, but you'll hear the occasional house song too.
They're having a party on Saturday night.

Park Cafe plays a lot less house, more of a mix. But not a TON of R&B. A lot of dance classics, I guess. Typically it's an older crowd. 30+, but if the music's any good, friends and I will stop in.

50 Grad in Mainz, can have pretty decent music.
&every Sunday night, Cubique (Wiesbaden) has a live band that plays funk & R&B. I haven't been on a Sunday to see the live band, but I've been on Fridays and Saturdays and it's never too bad.
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