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Nice shops, and where to buy supplies

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I am new to Munich, and am having some difficulties finding a few things due to the fact that I currently speak very little German.

I know this might sound lame - but...

1) Where are there some nice craft stores? I don't have anything specific in mind, but I like to knit, make jewelry, and...whatever else. Really, I like to just go to craft stores and buy a ton of supplies and never actually do anything with them. I have been to Ludwig-Beck for yarn, but I would rather go to a place where I can find supplies for multiple different projects. Any suggestions?

3) Are there any nice shops in Munich that would appeal to someone with crafty tendencies? Oh yes, it might help to include the fact that I am in my early twenties. I'm not really looking for quilts and silk flowers (although they are great, don't get me wrong).

2) I just finished design school in the states, and now I desperately need to finish up my (digital) portfolio. I suppose I am just too used to a university environment and having work nights with friends, and I'm having a difficult time finding motivation without this environment. Are there perhaps any other digital-based designers out there that get together for nerdy mac night? or writers? or...gamers or whatever?

Okay, I suppose that's all for now.

Thank you!

Kunst und Spiel

I love "Kunst und Spiel" in Leopoldstraße 48 (U-Bahn Giselastraße), they sell all kinds of crafty stuff. Please check out their website to get an impression about what kind of store it is.

Another idea would be Kautbullinger somewhere near Marienplatz, Rosenstraße 8. It's more for different kinds of pens, paints and papers.
Creative Store
Rosenheimer Straße 30
Check out the Stitch n Bitch thread, they meet on Sundays. There's also a craft store on the ground floor (I think) of the Mathäser building at Stachus, and several yarn shops downtown.
Not just floral granny-style quilts:
They sell all sorts of textile supplies - dyes, threads, buttons and handbag handles as well as a wide range of fabric.
There are often exhibitions in the building behind the shop and they also run courses there.
I recently went to Idee which is downstairs in the Mathäser building and would certainly recommend it.

Also some of the Pflanzen Kölle garden centres have good crafty sections.
Hertie/Karstadt at the Hauptbahnhof has a large selection of woll and some craft stuff. Toom and OBI also have some craft supplies.
My Girlfriend go's to Idee by the Mältaser theater as well a lot. I get so bored when she goes there because it has lots of crafty stuff! I recomend it though because she really likes it.
There is a bead store at Volkartstr 17 called "Perlerie" that I just love (in Neuhausen, about 1 block from Rotkreuzplatz). You can buy beautiful beads there, but you can also sit down and make jewelry in the shop if you want to. The girls who work there are very helpful, and are happy to assist. They sell everything you need...beads, clasps, earring backs, etc. The only bad thing is that it's only open until 14.00 on Saturdays.

Another plus is "Perlerie" is right next door the "The Cake Store," which sells the best American-style cheesecake and Peanut Butter pie you've ever tasted!
So far the best crft store I have found here is the Idee store already mentioned n some of the previous posts...nothing like the huge stores you'd find in the states like Ac Moore or Michaels, but thats Germany for ya.
oh thank you all so much for the suggestions! i am definitely excited to check all of these out.

and good looking out on the peanut butter pie! i am already there...
Hilary, I'm new here too--moved here last week from Canada--and basically everything you've described above pretty much describes me too. Big difference being that I didn't do art school originally but did degrees instead...which thank god I finished at Christmas...and now would love to do art school Except that they're all in German around here...

But shopping at those places or crafty night all sound good to me. I'm more of a sewer longing for fabrics now that I finally have some time, but digital art would be second on the list, and *definitely* gamer applies. Girl gamers, imagine.

Anyway feel totally free to PM me if you want to do something, I live near Hauptbahnhof right now.
I go and sew at the Stitch&Bitch, myself

(I also knit, yes, but probably two weeks out of three that I make it, I'm doing non-knitting.)

Once I finish moving in March, I'd probably be up for hosting a crafty night at the new apartment.

Edit: I'm a writer and somewhat of a gamer-girl, too.
i *think* i sent you a pm. i'm new with using this website, so i don't completely know how it works. but let me know if you did/didn't get the message!

and as far as stitch and bitch is concerned:
i'm totally down, however this sunday i will be out of town.
how many people usually attend?

oh, and i should add...i'm not actually a "gamer-girl" -mario 3 on the original nintendo still blows my mind - i guess i'm just gamer-sensitive...
i used to have sort of work nights with my brother - i would do design work while he would not work, but play games. the combination is surprisingly nice.
There can be anywhere from 2 to 15 people at Stitch & Bitch, depending on the week.
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