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It looks as though our trusty Saeco Magic fully automatic coffee machine is finally about to give up the ghost. It has performed admirably these last 8 years with only one repair required, so no real complaints.

I suppose I could just go out and get another of the same or similar model, but thought I'd check here first. A friend is telling me to go and get a Jura instead of another Saeco since he swears they are better. Meanwhile I'm also being told that the cheaper versions are actually quite fine and use the same internals so I shouldn't bother spending the extra money. Hubby is thinking of maybe an AEG. I want to be able to use both beans and ground coffee, and it must be fully automatic 'cause I'm not awake and functioning until after my second cup.

Anyone have a suggestion? Help me choose... there are soooo many out there!
even though you want to use beans. we have a Senseo coffee machine by Philips. You buy the little pads, you hit the button it heats up, put your pad in the top and hit the button for one or two cups. its great for us as we don't need an entire pot.
Hmm, I wanna get rid of my senseo. Has anyone got any of the other single cup machiens that can recommend one?
Owain Glyndwr
yeah i wasn't too impressed with senseo either. coffee was never strong enough for me. I much prefer my Saeco machine, which unfortunately is also slowly "giving up the ghost", so I may be looking for a replacement too.
We ended up replacing our Saeco with another Saeco. The first one worked fine for almost 9 years with only one repair so we decided to stick with the brand. has a special right now for 270 euro so we ordered that one. Got it about two weeks ago and are very happy with it so far. It is a bit smaller than our previous one which means you have to empty out the used coffee more often, and doesn't hold as much water at one time. But otherwise it has the same inside machinery and lets you use either ground coffee or coffee beans. Only took a few days to be delivered by regular post with no extra charge.

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Saeco Incanto Kaffee-/Espressoautomat schwarz Sondermodell (ehemalige UVP: 599 €)
Preis: EUR 269,97 Kostenlose Lieferung.
I bought a Spidem Trevi - Its actually a Saeco. Looks and feels the same and makes great coffee. After using it for a year at home, I got fed up with the watery vending machine coffee and bought another one for the office.

They`re definitely coming down in price - for the first one I paid 350 euronen in town ..a year later 100 euros less over the Auction website Gimahhot.

looky looky here:

of course, if we`re talking upper class coffee culture - then the Juras and Gaggias start at around 1000 euros!
Looks like Amazon wins again But friends weren't happy with their Spidem, perhaps they got a lemon who knows. But they returned it and got the same Saeco as we did.

Spidem Trevi Chiara Espresso Vollautomat
Preis: EUR 229,97 Kostenlose Lieferung.
I can thoroughly recommend the Jura Impressa F70. The downside is that your coffee consumption will increase alarmingly because it produces fantastic coffee with a thick crema - far better than many of the coffee shops in town.
hmm juras are nice, we have a few in the office. just wondering if its bit pricey for a weekend use machine. I think I need to go wandering around one of these coffee bits at one nice department stores in town
I would personally love to invest a lot of time slaving over a gaggia, or a KitchenAid. The image is an important part of the coffee,
but I have to confess to having a Nespresso machine at home. It does the job, and the capsules do not go bad.
try one for awhile, saves you a lot of grief and tastes better than most Saeco sludge that I have sampled
I did look at the Jura machines, but having just bought a house last year and a car this year, I couldn't justify the cost. As stated in my first post, I was specifically looking to be able to use both beans and ground coffee. With Nespresso, you always have to buy those expensive special capsules which end up costing you more in the long run (and are a waste of resources as far as I'm concerned.) I have no idea what you mean by "Saeco sludge" since I've never experienced anything like it. As for image, I couldn't care less. I just wanted a decent, affordable fully automatic coffee machine using both beans and ground coffee that wouldn't break down soon. Other folks have different requirements, but this Saeco met all my criteria and I thought I would pass it on, in case anyone else was also looking.

ok. its been done.

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One Nesspress XN2100 has been bought. Really impressed with the various blends and a lot easier than all the faffing with beans etc. Its a great cup of coffee from a one cup machine

Bought from Kustermann, very helpful staff and the same price as everywhere else in town.
Hey Bipa, I'm thinking about getting an automatic coffee machine too - are you still happy with your Saeco? Amazon also do another one at a good price, the Saeco Odea, but although it looks cool in Orange, I'm wary about buying a machine called the Oh Dear.
We have a Saeco at work, its a sucko!
We're still happy with our Saeco coffee machine. No problems, no repairs, and working fine right out of the box. I was a little confused the first time I ran the automatic descaling program because the instructions are a bit brief. But I realised fairly quickly how it works, and find the automatic program is easier than my earlier model. If you're looking for a simple fully automatic machine without lots of bells and whistles, then this one could suit you well. It doesn't have a few of the extra features that the Odeo has, like cup warming. So compare features to see which one better fits your tastes.

eurovol: what model do you have at work and what's wrong with it? Just wondering.
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