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Hi all!

I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this ad but I am wondering if anyone knows any info about which are some "good" or "recommended" (not super sleazy) strip clubs in Berlin. I know this might be a touchy subject so if you would rather PM me to remain private that's totally fine.

I am looking for work, and the money is running out quickly, and there is a fat, fat chance of getting a visa to stay here, and yes, it has come to that. Thanks for all your help and info and open-mindedness!
Try the 'Berlinintim' website, there's lots of addresses on it.
Cool, thank you very much for the info.
There is a place in the middle of Oraninenburger str, but you have to be very beautiful to work there.
I'm sure you are plenty beautiful. You go girl! Just be careful and watch your back, because as I'm sure you have noticed from the ubiquitous porn on tv, the Germans don't do anything "soft core".
Pure Class!
You might end up making a tidy sum. Where there's a will, there's a way!
Time for a profile pic, there Cali
Try the 'Berlinintim' website, there's lots of addresses on it.
Berlinintim or Berlintom?
Gigidi gigidi.

The Oranienburger Strasse strip club is where they recruit the Oranienburger Strasse Hookers I hear. That may or may not influence your opinion one way or the other.
Oh, it's a good one is it? (lol)
“My only role in my daughter’s life…is to keep my baby off the pole! They don’t grade Dads… but if your daughter ends up a stripper, you fucked up!“ -- Chris Rock
Who the f* are you to judge other people choice of profession ?
lighten up streanline...that was a hysterical quote

stay safe calibird
Absolutely no occupational aspersions intended. Only humo(u)r.
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