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Getting out of the annual auto-renewal

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At least then it will be done!

I will be in Germany the day this years card expires, so at least this year I can pay for next years without incurring additional charges.

Last year I had massive problems getting money to them as they refuse to take credit card payments.
I ended up paying £20 for an international transfer.

Can I take the bill they have already sent me to the hbf in Munich to pay it?
Yes, you should be able to do this. I did this the Regensburg Hbf last year, and it worked flawlessly. For everyone who forgets to cancel, just set yourself a reminder on your calendar or phone for a couple months before the next one comes...shouldn't be too much of an issue!
The best thing to do is to cancel your Bahncard as soon as you buy it.

Then if you want another one next year, you can always apply for a new one for no extra cost.
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I appreciate that there are a number of topics in relation to the above, but it is not clear to which address notice of cancellation should be sent. Could someone please confirm whether the following is correct?

60643 Frankfurt am Main

Many thanks,

Looks good. Make sure you send a registered letter - Einschreiben mit Rückschein
Cancellation has to be in writing, but they also accept fax and mail.

By fax saves you the bother of sending it by snail mail.
Fax it through to: 0180 512 19 98

Or do it by mail - send to:

Include your name, adress, Bahncard number and date until when it is valid. Just remember the cancellation has to be done at least 6 weeks before your card becomes invalid, or it will automatically renew. Also best to ask for a confirmation from them, when you cancel. This avoids any nasty surprises later on...
Thanks everyone.
The obvious thing is just to do what I did when I had one - pay cash.

Whether that is still possible I don't know, but I don't see why not.
Small Town Boy
Leipziger appears to have misunderstood the topic.
DaveP - We just went to the local Bahn Office (a very small one near our flat, not at the train station) and gave the letter we typed up (simple 1 sentence - please cancel bahn card xxxxx, in German of course) to them and they faxed it for us, stamped on it that they did it - and done We then got a confirmation about a week later in the post. I felt better doing it this way as then there was no issue with it "getting lost" in the mail and having to pay another year because they say they did not get it on time.
The obvious thing is just to do what I did when I had one - pay cash.

Whether that is still possible I don't know, but I don't see why not.
That doesn't mean that you are not contractually obligated to the automatic extension, it just means that they won't automatically take it from your account or credit card. We paid cash for my son's BC and they just sent me a bill for the renewal the following year.

No matter which method you use to pay for the card, you still have to cancel at least 6 weeks in advance or it will be automatically renewed.

First, I have a great respect about this forum; I get a lot of questions answered here. I thank you one and all.

I am also a victim of auto-renewal of Bahncard 25. I did not have any idea until I got a letter from debt collector (Universum Inkasso) with fine. The situation is worst as we had a address change and never got any notification before this. I am sure it is too late and I have to pay; I contacted the HBF Bahn staff and they asked me to contact anwalt (lawyer); I know it doesn't help.

Now, I would at least like to get the bahn card for which I have to pay cost + fine. I never received the renewed card due to address change. It is a misery as I had made the address change online well in advance and Bahn never noticed it. I guess I have to follow the replacement process; thanks to Deutsche post. The information may be hidden inside the website but I am too annoyed to dig deep into that information.

Do I follow-up to get a replacement? If so, how; at last is it worth as I don't plan to use trains after this experience, flights work better.

To add insult to injury; my wife also has a separate bahn card for which we may receive another cost + fine to our new address. We were together but they asked to buy a separate card instead of an additional one; It also should have auto-renewed.

Note: The debt collector only said that it is DB sales; I only guessed all the information due to a spelling mistake in my name on the bahn card.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions; I like you guys.

Regards, Manjax
You have not stated when the renewal was due, or how far the debt collectors have pursued the case. If you are happy to accept the renewal for another year, and do not have a default court ruling against you then you should be able to simply pay for the renewal directly to Deutsche Bahn without any fines, penalties or interest - the debt collectors may dispute this and attempt to recover their costs but you can fight this once the original debt is paid in full and the account reinstated. If you have not received any replacement card then you should also report the original as lost and get a new one as soon as possible.

The same applies to the card for your wife. Ensure the subscription is paid as soon as possible and the account renewed/card replaced to avoid any claims to the contrary.

In both cases you should also immediately cancel both cards in writing to avoid a repeat procedure next year or you forgetting to cancel at the right time - they won't actually become unusable until the end of the contracted period. If you subsequently decide you want to renew for another year you can cancel the cancellation next year or start a new account. The main thing is that your cacellation is submitted in time - no need to wait until 3 months before - 12 months before is perfectly acceptable.

Thanks for the reply; the renewal was due on 28th Feb 2011. I couldn't know about subscription until I get the letter from the debt-collector on 23 April 2011 with fine and Interest. They charged 59 Euros for the card and about 37 Euros for delay and interest. I don't want to get away from payment but it all is a mess because I did not need a card.

Since there is no communication for my wife; do I go to the train station's ticket counter to pay her renewal fee? I think mine I should pay along with the interest to the debt-collector.

BTW, I sent an email to the bahn online for termination and also through the email ( I somehow don't trust any process now as for some reason I feel I am cheated. I did update my address online for my bahn card but the bahn may have sent all the bills and renewed cards to my old address.

Thanks again for all the help.

Regards, Manjax
You are less than 2 months in arrears, Simply pay the annual subscription direct to Deutsche Bahn and no fine or additional costs - the the debt collector can sing for that - you have no current liability to pay his bill. I guess you need to check the status of your wife's card before you pay anything, and why you have not had any bill or reminder, and the train station enquiry desk would seem to be the best place to do that. Never send formal cancellations by email - you really need proof that you sent the termination - a registered letter at least
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