Update, we finally got someone to come out for 165 euro. They shut off the water in 5 mins. Didn't deal with the pipe or check for water. Turns out the pipes had burst during the early morning, they weren't frozen, they were broke. The landlord has to pump out their house. It's a disaster. I feel like a fool although we tried everything. I was at the bakery at 7 a.m. asking people for help. Landlady still wonders why I didn't call her or her numbers which I did and I left messages with her daughter! I didn't have the landladies phone number until 3 p.m. Her cleaning lady was down their wondering what the sound was and why water was coming up a bit under the floor and she didn't do anything. We feel like we are getting blamed for this whole thing and we are the only ones that did anything. I haven't talked to the landlady but saw her briefly today, she said hi and looked just sad. I don't know what she knows now. I hate this miscommunication or let's say non-communication.