Wheelchair rental - Munich

Tips on where to hire a "Rollstuhl"

My mum's coming to see me for xmas-newyears, and just fell down the stairs, leaving her with one very badly sprained ankle. does anyone know where I should go to rent a wheel chair for that week?
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See Electric wheelchair rental.
Ask about Rollstuhlverleih at an Apotheke or Sanit├Ątshaus. They should be able to help you out.
We borrowed a wheelchair from Rolli-mobil about seven years ago and found their service very satisfactory. The how is easy enough: Call up or drop by, reserve, leave a deposit, pick up the wheelchair.

My cousin wants to visit me in Munich for one month and may require wheel chair. I would like to know in advance is it possible to hire wheel chair in Munich for one month or so? Does anyboday has information about such organisations/ websites/ helplines who can provide this facility?

If so, then please let me know by sharing your information by replies or PM.

Thanks in advance


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there's some info Wheelchair rental.
Thanks Moonboot.

This is great info.

My sincere thanks to you.

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