Tracking a Deutsche Post DHL package to the U.S. - Germany

Tips on how to use the parcel tracking number

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Unless...someone knows how to get that info that DHL has but won't tell.
They really won't tell, no matter what you say.
bal00 said: there's still a difference between actual DHL (Express) service and regular Deutsche Post parcel service.

The shipper's e-mail said : We send with DHL German Post express. It is the premium fast service with insurance.

Is that the same as Deutsche Post parcel service, or a faster service?
It is what used to be Deutsche Post parcel service, it's all being marketed under the DHL banner these days. When they say "express", chances are they mean air vs. ground shipping. Regular parcel service uses 13-digit tracking numbers, takes 2-3 weeks (a little less by air) and costs $45-$90 or so. An actual DHL Express parcel would take 2 days, but a parcel like yours would probably run well over $300.

Does the tracking number they gave you start with "VV" by any chance? If so, it's a regular parcel with extra insurance.
Does the tracking number they gave you start with "VV" by any chance? If so, it's a regular parcel with extra insurance

No...all numbers, in the format: xx xxxxx xxxxx x.

I guess I will wait the 3 weeks or so...too bad I can't even find out when it arrives in my nearest PO hub/distribution center, let alone my local branch.
Did you try the DHL Germany link I posted before? As a private customer I have had no problems with the 'Track and Trace'...although some of the messages were not so informative.

Also lots of information on this site e.g. specific information about sending to various countries:
DHL Paket International Country Information

DHL Paket International (max. 120 x 60 x 60 cm) Premium to US is supposed to take 6 days according to the pdf file in the link above.
As has been pointed out before, likely to be delayed due to Christmas and the package may get held up at Customs.

And from DHL Paket International

DHL PAKET International items with the Premium service are given priority and are always delivered using the fastest possible means. The Premium service also includes shipping insurance up to EUR 500.
I am having this same problem but with the USPS. My mother sent two packages 'Priority International Mail' and it wasn't cheap. There are 3 different options with the maximum number of days being 10. My mother sent my packages more than 8 days ago and I have the tracking numbers but none of the tracking systems seem to work. I'm getting stressed because one of them is something I am supposed to wear at my wedding in 10 days. Ugh.
Did you try the DHL Germany link I posted before? As a private customer I have had no problems with the 'Track and Trace'...although some of the messages were not so informative.

As I said before..from what people are telling me, the package will not be handled by DHL, but by DP and then USPS, so the DHL tacking won't help. and..yes...I did try to use the link, and it again came up with "not a valid number" or..."we have no info about this shipment". but thanks anyway...
Over the past couple of years I often tried to track parcels sent by DHL, always without success as I mostly received the 'unknown number' message.

Then, earlier this week I sent another package and tried the tracking again.
It actually worked!
It told me the parcel was in transit, then when it reached the destination country, then when it had been delivered.

The link I use is:

DHL tracking

If it is an international delivery, remember to tick the "Auslandsendung" box.

It seems that tracking works for "PostPaket" deliveries, as these are assigned the 12 digit number in the format of: x
THis number should be put into the tracking field without any dots or spaces.

If you only send as 'letter' or 'päckchen" this number is not assigned so I don't believe tracking works.

Finally, any package sent as "Air Mail" automatically gets covered for up to €500 insurance. With my latest package I wanted more insurance, but no matter who I asked, it seems that €500 is the maximum available.
Has anyone ever managed to increase the insurance on mailed packages and, if so, how did you do it?
Hi. I live in the USA and I am having a problem tracking a package being shipped from 04356 Leipzig to Washington State. The seller gave me the 12 digit tracking number ************ and it would show on the Deutsche DHL and it says :

Date/Time Status Description
01.12.08 00:00 Electronic shipment advise received Electronic shipment advise received
01.12.08 19:59 Parcel centre Shipment processed at parcel-hub
01.12.08 20:00 Parcel centre Shipment processed at parcel-hub
01.12.08 20:02 Parcel centre of dispatch Shipment to abroad was processed at the outbound hub
02.12.08 04:05 International Parcel Station 55 Saulheim
02.12.08 14:47 Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin / Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin
02.12.08 14:47 Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin / Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin
02.12.08 14:47 Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin/ Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin

When i go the USPS tracking and use the UPU/Match Code that is 13 digits "CL#########DE" it says: "left FRANKFURT/FLUGHAFEN, GERMANY" .
it has been saying that for 5 days.

When I talk to USPS all they can say is thay i need to contact the company that sold me the items and ask them to track the items from their shipping location because USPS cant do it.
And DHL tells me the same thing. So i keep emailing the company and still get no reply from them yet, and they are a good company it is just hard to communicate with them.

So if anyone can tell me what it means when all it says about the package is: "Departure from outward Office of Exchange in Country of Origin" in the Deutsch DHL?

And on the USA USPS website it says: " left FRANKFURT/FLUGHAFEN, GERMANY" But neither mail carrier can tell me where my package is at.

So any help will be appreciated.
SF man probably had no option on how the package was to be sent from Germany. I sure didn't. My sender said the package I haven't gotten had a 13-digit tracking number (which I understand from reading these responses is actually Deutsch Post not DHL) and I cannot track it.

It was supposed to have been sent June 1st and it is still missing in action. Are there any suggestions on how I an find out if the address the sender used was correct? It is easy to transpose numbers and letters.

Paypal is unwilling to guarantee my purchase because it came from Germany, saying confirmations here to the USA are not required by the seller. This information is not on their website so you don't know about the "exceptions" until you have a lost package and then customer service tells you Germany is the exception to their guarantee. So much for secure transactions!

Has anyone had to follow up on lost Deutsch Post packages sent to the U.S. Post Office? I'm not sure what information is needed. Any help would be very appreciated.
You can't really verify the address from your end, unless the seller sends you a picture of the receipt he got (which has the address on it). The seller will have to call DP/DHL and follow up with it, because as far as DP is concerned, he's the customer, not you. I have sent about 60 parcels to the US over the years (using DP) and haven't lost a single one, although a few took ~6 weeks to arrive.
When will people ever learn? If you want up-to-the-minute, door to door need to use someone like UPS or FedEx. Deutsche Post are very good. USPS are very good.....but if either of them tell you(or sell you) tracking of any kind IN ANOTHER COUNTRY....they are lying. Deutsche Post is not physically delivering the package inside the US(and vise versa) therefor there is NO WAY to track the item. The postage you(we)are paying for is TO THE BORDER of the receiving country. Reciprocal agreements between the two countries gets the package to you(USPS delivers general mail from Germany - Deutsche Post delivers general mail from America). The receiving country's postal service is delivering that package "out of the goodness of their hearts"....they are receiving no money for doing it.
The longest it has taken any of my packages to arrive from Germany to the USA is 10wks. If you go the the site, you should be able to enter the 13 digit tracking # but, this will only give you the information to the DHL delivery hub for your area. From there, it is no longer traceable as it is then transferred to the hands of USPS but not with out first sitting in customs for as long as 4wks, dependent on the hub your package has arrived at as some are much busier than others. I have never experienced the non delivery of any packages and I have sent many, many both ways.... However, i can understand the frustration of waiting and wanting and worrying....
The Collector
Not only do their tracking numbers not work, but no one within Deutsche Post or DHL seems to know how to solve problems once a package is late or lost. I't amazing, but apparently no one cares. When FedEx mis-directs a package, they move heaven and earth to find it and to deliver it. When DHL mis-directs a package, they tell the customer to HOPE & PRAY.

Did Russia buy the German Post Office?
Absolutely agree to "The Collector's" mention 'bout DHL. Indeed, it seems russia bought DHL. I was ordering a DHL Express International shipment from Germany to the US, costs were 52 EUR (!!!). On the DHL Website, its stated, delivery takes up to 6 days until submitted. Order shipment date was 12/09/2010... right now i'm waiting and nobody of DHL is able to tell about the shipment status..., I'm waiting.

Never never never never DHL again! THIS should be a warning for all people consider to choose DHL to do the delivery.
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