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Hi, can anyone recommend a shop or online store that could help design and print up some dual language wedding invitations? I've had very little success so far by Googling...

All tips welcome!

What are the two languages? It's possible someone nice on TT would translate for you as they typically don't have much text and there are plenty of bored people wasting their employer's time...

For the printers I can tentatively recommend the shop on Schweigerstr. about half way down the hill on the left as you go down, just before the bridge. I'm absolutely sure he speaks no English, he's an old Bavarian type, but seems very genuine and has a real printers place with big machines and is capable of printing on thick, profiled, or laminated paper. This is not something most printers will do - I asked many in Schwabing, around the uni and most said they would print to ~150gm plain paper (ie. no profile or texture in the paper) only and charge handsomely for it. This guy, I asked, took samples with me and he said no problem, quoted a very reasonable price, but I haven't had the work done yet so can't say 100% he's good. If you're interested I'll find and post his shop's name.
The OP is in Hamburg.
Oh yes, sorry... Still not adjusted to this TT Germany malarkey... Oh well, if anyone in Muc wants a printer there he is.
They could also pay a prenuptial visit to Munich.
Printers can send things by post.

As an Ex ProntaPrint owner I would say any printer will do this, normally you pick a card out of a book of samples, the printer sends them away with what you want printed on it and rarely prints them their selves, they normally don't have the embossing equipment to do it and print in silver requires special equipment. Shoving a pre embossed card in an offset printer doesn't work well. If you make sure your text is 100% in both languages and check the proofs careful virtually any printer can do it, also if you have a professional photographer doing you wedding pics they also do a similar service.
We ordered blank cards that had an inner sheet of paper and then just printed the text ourselves, using a fancy font, natch. Worked fine, apart from the extra workload/stress thing.
Thanks everyone, I'll be in Munich anyway before the wedding so will definately check that printer out. Cheers!
I'm getting married next year and need both German and English invitations. I found this lady in Scotland who does beautiful hand-made invitations and she has told me that, as long as I send her a Word file of the German text, she'll be happy to print me some in German:
We've got the same situation, but have decided to just make 2 different sets of invitations - one in each language. That also allows for us to adapt each set according to the customs of that country, as there are slight differences.

I don't think any printer has a problem printing in whatever language you choose, as long as you prepare the text in advance yourself and just send them the file. Normally before its printed you have a chance to double-check everything just in case.

At the moment we're trying to decide whether to make them ourselves or just go with a company. Guess what we'll be doing over Christmas!
Fun though isn't it dreamer? We've been doing the same thing... We decided that we'll do one invite with both languages on it to play up the international side of the wedding and get everyone used to seeing things in the other language. The wedding will be a bit of a surprise for guests of both nationalities as we'll take the best bits of each tradition rather than conforming to one or the other rigidly - it should be fun.
we made out own invitations..worked out cheaper, and was nicer than anything I could have found here without paying a fortune, and matched our color scheme perfectly
Welsh man
we did our own wedding invitations in german and english.
As did we.
We kindof did -- hubby's brother is a graphic designer and he made us absolutely lovely invitations. I'll have to ask how much he'd charge to do the same for anyone else who's interested. He'd probably have to put it into his online portfolio, which he's just working on now...
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