Day trip to Zürich from Munich - is it feasible?

And information on cheap train tickets

Dear TTers,
We are planning for a one day trip from munich to zurich. Need some advice on cheap rail travel.
I can take a bayern ticket from munich to lindau. What options do i have to travel from lindau to zurich?

Any suggestions on alternative routes?
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If you're looking for ideas to do enroute, I would just stop in Lindau for a few hours; lovely place. There isn't the equivalent of a Bayern Ticket in Switzerland, so you'll just have to pay cash singles from Lindau. The scenic route involves taking a boat across the Bodensee.

If you book at least a couple of weeks in advance, you should get a cheap deal on a direct train – look on the DB website.
Considering you're taking the Bayern ticket, you realize most of your day (nearly all) will be spent on trains, right? Or are you saying slowly see things on the way to Zurich, and you're staying in Zurich then?

Lindau is nice...Kempten is nice...
No, Because i think the journey from munich to lindau is 3 hrs and another 2 hours to zurich from there.
So, if i plan to leave munich early in the morning, I would be having 7 - 8 hrs for speniding in zurich. Am i right?
Also, i heard zurich is not a very big town?
Bregenz (in Austria).
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Er, I don't understand your question now. Are you planning to travel from Munich to Zurich and back again in one day? That's nuts. Even the direct train takes over four hours one way.
Yes, That was the original idea.
But now, after reading your post, I have my doubts.
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Well it can be done, but you'll have about 12 hours of train travel and maybe 8 hours in Zürich. You can "see" Zürich in that time. Whether it's worth the hassle, I rather doubt. I would spend an extra day or two and also visit somewhere like Lucerne.
Why not just fly?

€ 97 Lufthansa MUC 7:00 ZRH 8:00
ZRH 19:50 MUC 20:50

Simple, cheap and look how long you have to run around.
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...because the train journey is more scenic than either the plane or Zürich. If the OP was happy to spend €100 on transport then he could travel on the faster trains – at 4 hours each way, that would be no slower than the plane. The reason the journey takes 6 hours is that he wants the cheaper ticket.
It's a beautiful part of the europe to see if you like that...but don't forget your wallet. Zurich is expensive and everything is shut on sundays so don't plan to go that day. It will make for a LONG day.
Well then I wouldn't take the train at all... I'd drive. Guess thats just me; if I want to see stuff along the way would rather do it at my leisure and not the train driver's. Plus I can stop, take pictures, detour, get out of the car and touch feel things that interest me... not stare out of a window of a train full of drunks, screaming kids and other annoyances.

Anyway, to each his own.
Okay, let's say you leave Munich at 7am, 3 hours to Lindau, walk around, see the sights, that's 2 hours, then another 2 to Zurich, so you get to Zurich at 2pm. You've got like 3 hours until all museums or sight-seeing options are closed, then have dinner, and then go back. I agree with STB, it's nuts.
I do the journey to Zurich every other weekend. A day trip is possible, but I only think it makes sense if you take the fast trains. I have a Bahnkarte 25 First and the round trip costs between 55 and 90 yoyos depending on how far in advance i book and whether I travel First or Second Class. recently I saw DB had an offer on called Umwelt Bahnkarte, which was a cheap Bahnkarte that is valid for 6 months. Well worth getting if it is still available.

Zurich seems bigger than it actually is. It doesn't feel any different to walking around Munich in terms of size so it would not be a good idea to put in an extra stop, although Lindau is a beautiful little town and is worth seeing itself sometime. It's an expensive place to eat out as well so if you are on a budget you should take what you can from Munich.
Zurich may not be very big, but there's a lot more to see and do than what you can manage in one day.
You can definitely go and come back on the same day, but it's just not worthed. Go for a weekend, stay at a youth hostel for about 20 or 30 euros the night and you'll enjoy it a lot more.
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