Mail delivery times to the U.S. with Deutsche Post - Germany

Should a letter normally take more than ten days?

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I sent out a letter to Phoenix Arizona from Munich on the 30th November. I used Deutsche post and the registered items international option, it is now the 11th of December and the letter has not yet been delivered. The website says 3- 5 days and when i try to track the package it simply says that your package has reached the US and nothing more. This document is really important and hence I was wondering what the standard delivery time for something like this would be... Is it usual for it to take 2 weeks .. am i simply getting worried? or else is there something I can do to track the whereabouts of this package. The entire episode has got me mind f***ed and I would appreciate any help, suggestions or guidance.
Small Town Boy
It's Christmas time, so delivery times are a lot longer at the moment. Is there no other way to deliver the contents of the letter, such as fax or email? And did you only send non-valuable papers or did you send goods?

To track the whereabouts of a letter in the US you have to contact the US Postal Service; Deutsche Post won't have any information once it leaves Germany.
No, Unfortunately the letter has to be signed in original so fax and e mail are ruled out. Its just a document and has no commercial value. Any ideas on how can get hold of USPS and see if they have an update on the item?
Small Town Boy
Hmm, tough one... have you tried going to and typing in "USPS"?
hows about allthough I don't know if you will be able to use a German tracking number.
I don't think USPS is an option since they state on their website that international packages can be traced only inside the country of its origin and not in the US. Anyhow does anyone know the average mail delivery times within the US.
no it doesn't take that long. i know to get stuff from the US to DE for Christmas it needs to be sent today, Dec. 11.
Generally it takes 6-10 for stuff to be sent. When I've sent letters (general speed, not express or anything) it takes about 4-7days.
From Indiana to Phoenix during normal times, not Christmas, a letter would take up to 5 days.
Just received two Christmas cards from Indiana today to Stuttgart. Mailed on Dec 6th. Delivered the 11th. That's only 5 days.
mail within the US depends. Within my city if i mail it today it'll be there tomorrow. Within my region if i may it today it'll be there tomorrow or thurs, but as you slowly branch out it, obviously takes longer. At work we have a map that shows and i think it goes in 2, 3, 4, and 5 day increments, but I don't know for sure. Sending something from Philly to Seattle will obviously take longer than sending something LA to Phoenix.

For sending within the US there are different options, especially for packages. When I sent something to Salt Lake from Milwaukee I had the option of paying 50cents more (or some tiny amount) to send it by plane instead of truck (a package) to get it there a bit earlier.
Reading all your replies that means I am basically screwed, because I am left with only one option i.e. fighting this out with Deutsche post which is the last thing anyone ever wants to do... They are the most incompetent organization I have seen to date... SO much for their God Damn Tracking and insurance and Proof of delivery and F**K knows what else I paid for...
Well, I got my packages out on Dec. 3rd, via Deutsche Post, and not one was received in the U.S. by Christmas.
El Jeffo
Well, packages aren't mail - they're parcel post.

Did you send them air mail? Because the land/sea alternative generally takes 6-8 weeks.

I sent my parents and grandparents some hand-made Christmas cards and they arrived in 3 days. I was very impressed. I would have been even more impressed if the new prices had come into force on December 1st instead of January 1st, because then they would have only cost EUR 1.70 each instead of EUR 6.00.
I know I'm late on the main subject of this thread but.....take it from experience...paying extra for ANY kind of tracking on an overseas package is a complete waste of money unless you are using the MUCH more expensive UPS or Fedex. Deutsche Post CANNOT track a package once it leaves it's shores. USPS CANNOT track a package once it leaves it's shores.....the end. There are no USPS trucks driving around Germany and there are no Deutsche Post trucks driving around the US....the end.
Chalk it up to experience and move on.
I've lost ONE item....a "registered" letter from America(east coast) to Germany. USPS's idea of "tracking" is sending a post card to the address asking if they had received the previous package.

And my family members sent packages here for my son during the first week of December and they arrived here in plenty of time for Christmas.
@El Jeffo,

I did know that parcels aren't mail, but I wanted to post it here, just as a "heads up" to others.

Deutsche Post had a guide posted on their door that had the cost of mailing a package according to weight. And what I paid conformed with what was shown on the guide. So, I thought that Germany only had one sort of post, like in the U.S., where there is no shipping over by boat anymore. Because our boat mail got scrapped long ago, I assumed that this was world wide.

Now I am hearing from you that there ARE two overseas mail options with Deutsche Post? Wouldn't the postal works clue in that someone sending packages mailed in December in Christmas-themed boxes hope that their packages arrived by Christmas? Wouldn't they inform you that they had just sold you boat mail rate postage, and/or give you a choice?

I am not being argumentative or dissing the postal service here. I just want to know if I need to spell it out to Deutsche Post that I want air mail and that I want packages to arrive by Christmas, as I just thought this would be the standard expectation.

Great. People are going to get Christmas in February. That was not my plan. Especially as I sent Christmas ornaments.
Well, I sorely miss the USPS surface mail option. It was great for shipping heavy items at less than a dollar a pound. There is really no cost effective alternative, at least for items that won't fit into a large flat rate box. Also, I found that many businesses will not ship flat rate.
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