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Well I have just received my Sony Vaio in the mail yesterday (its not new). My mother was kind enough to send it to me all the way from the US. It seems that when I turn the computer on, the display is black. I know it is on because I can just barely make out the things on the screen but it is not useable in its current condition. I tried using a keyboard command to brighten the screen but it didn't work. I suppose my only option now is to take it to a repair shop. Does any one have any suggestions on where I should go? Has this ever happened to anyone?
Do you still have a warranty on the notebook? (One that is valid in Germany?)

And yes, it has happened to me. Likely the connection between the notebook and the light for the screen is somehow broken, has loosened up, or something. I ended up getting a new notebook because I did not know how much repairing the old one would cost and if it would be worth it since it had been troubling me with other issues too (but it wasn't a Sony).

These are authorized Sony Repair Centers:

W + W hardware + software

80336 München
Tel.: 089/5525380
Fax: 089/593135

MCE-ETV GmbH München

Helene-Wessel-Bogen 11
80939 München
Tel.: 0700/90001005
Fax: 089/3115207

traininx computer-service

Hofmannstr. 43
81379 München
Tel.: 089/7488680
Fax: 089/74886833
I have had the same thing happened with a Vaio. Sony does have agents/service centres all over (I managed to get a while-u-wait job in Duabi last year) so if you can't find a general computer shop to help you might try and look one up here via the Sony website (from memory its called something like Sony Style Europe).

Edit- didn't see the post above with the repair centres already listed!

A tip---it got wrecked through being dropped a short while back but I put it on eBay for spares/repairs with the HD removed and was amazed to get close to 150 euros for it (on the UK site) - if the repair is uneconomic or too much hassle then it's better than a total loss and helps fund another...
Ah, thanks guys! both posts were very helpful!

Mariposa: I'm not sure if I have the warranty and I suppose if I'm not sure then that means, no, I don't.

at least if i can't fix it I know I can hack it for parts! haha.
First of all, thanks for this post. It is very hard to find the relevant info on the Sony website. Luckily this post turns up #1 on Google for sony repair munich.

I just wanted to add that whatever you do, DON'T GO TO TRANINX (the third store in the list). We (me and a friend from the UK) went there yesterday with his Sony Vaio laptop with a broken harddisk. First of all, the shopman didn't speak ANY English. That was fine as I was there to help. But the way we were treated was unbelievable. We were (repeatedly!) glared at for "having broken" the laptop, and for the "condition" it was in. NOTHING was suggested for helping getting it fixed. Instead the shopman did everything he could to make us feel bad for the way we treated the laptop (which was not bought there and which didn't have any warranty as we repeatedly pointed out. We wanted to PAY HIM for getting it fixed!).

It turned out that THE ONLY THING WHICH WAS BROKEN was the hard disk. We had to guess this ourselves (!!) and suggest to him to test whether a different one would be recognised in the BIOS (which it was). They charged us 35 euros for that.

Please, NEVER spend any money in this store.
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