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I was hoping someone could help me!!! My 21 yr. old brother loooooooooves techno music, especially anything really new and hot - the latest stuff underground DJ kind of thing. I am totally clueless about techno music! He would love some really hot German techno, and it would be great if I could bring it home to him for Christmas. I was hoping someone might be able to help me out - if you know any great DJ CDs and where I could buy them or download them with the hottest German techno music on it, please help me! It has to be German or some other international sort, just not American as he can get that at home. Living in New York he already has access to some of the best, so he knows his stuff!

Thank you again so much for your help, I feel like such an old fuddy duddy even having to ask...
Mr Stuart
it's very dependent on how Techno he likes his techno music. I DJ the more leftfield end of house and techno, so here are a couple of bits he might like...

Any thing by Henrik Schwarz - his new "Henrik Schwarz Live" CD is great
Christian Prommer's Drum Lesson (this is not club music but re takes on classic house/Techno tunes)
Roland Appel - his new 12" with "Dark Soldier" and "Changes" is superb

Being a brit I have to recommend some UK stuff...
The latest Underworld CD - "Oblivion with Bells" is great
Anything by Switch - see if you can find "Just Bounce 2 This"
Inverse Cinematics - seven by seven (Dave de Gatos bad ass remix)
Ski Oakenfull - new Orleans under attack
The Elektrons album is great, particularly the tune "Joy"

For what you can't find in the shops try or
There are many different styles of German techno. I like these:

Tresor never sleeps (2003)

Monika Kruse: On the road 3 (2004)

Terence Fixmer: Silence Control (2006) (although his music sounds more like EBM these days)
Champion Sound
Well, nearly all "mix cds" are available in new york. Mix Cds are usually put out on major distribution, so chances are you wont find anything unavailable to him. The only exception would be if you found djs out there in germany who are making "bedroom" mix cds. Stuff that isnt commercially available.

If you really want to get him some joints that are rare in the new york city doldrums, then what you want to do is bring him back some 12 inch singles. Most new york record shops only have a small crossection of vinyl, so thats where you could impress. And if he doesnt have a turntable, well then inspire him to get one! (The amazing tunes usually are only released in vinyl format anyway) There is such a wide array of material, and the term "techno" is quite broad. In new york the hard electro shit is the jam right now, as well as quirky minimal stuff. If you live in cologne, then go to the "Kompakt" headquarters. Germany is running the show right now.
Ahhh - hadn't thought of vinyl - excellent input - thanks everyone! He does in fact have turntables and vinyl would be a great idea. Anyone know where I can go in Munich for this?
Mr Stuart
my favourite shop in Munich for vinyl is "Echt Optimal" on Koloseumstr (half way between Sendlinger Tor and Frauenhoferstr U-Bahns).
a Brazilian dude Gui Boratto on the German Label Kompakt with probably the best techno album of the year ...Chromophobia
'Techno' and 'Music' ...these words are mutually exclusive
its a tricky question because these days the term "techno" covers a pretty wide spectrum from the classical, more musical stylings of Apparat and the amazing Trentemoller album all the way up to banging minimal stuff played by Jeff Mills, Ritchie Hawtin and Sven Vath. If its the more banging stuff, then the latest "cocoon" cd would always be a pretty safe bet covering all shades of german techno at the mo.
I am thinking he is more dance techno - think of a bunch of 18-21 yr. old Italians in a club in New York...does that help what kind of techno music he might like?
oh yeah - and no, not italian itlaians, new york italians - which are totally different than italians from italy. think kids with gel in their hair, muscle shirts, fast cars, etc...sorry if i am making it more confusing than it needs to be. Just thought some of you djs out there might no what i am talking about.
Mr. Stuart - listened to the stuff you suggested - happy I now have it on my iPod!

Spoke with my brother - figured I would just get the specific kind from him as I didn't know there was so much variation out there. I guess thats what you get when you grow up in the hip hop era of the 90's.

His preference is House and Trance...any suggestions for some great German or International stuff that is hot right now?
House Recommendations ...hmmmmm... here's a couple

Makossa+Megablast - Kunuaka
Released this year... but how it used to sound before it all went overground

Dennis Ferrer - The World As I See It
THE soulful house record of the year imho

Trancey-into-Housey accessible stuff ...check out the Oakenfold Greatest Hits and Remixes

also, check out this year's mixes on the Fabric club label ...all sorts of electronica wizadry going down...
got it ... a bit technoey, a bit housey, a bit trancey, german, up to date -

Micheal Meyer - Immer 2

on Kompakt records
-nice mix

or as mentioned above, fabric cd's like ellen alien, teifschwartz or ricardo villalobos
any good breakbeat clubs or DJs in Berlin?
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