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Hello to all.

After searching through TT I could not find a thread with a list of job sites and employment agencies. Would you be kind enough to list any job sites and employment agencies you know that may be helpful to an English speaking person in landing a job in Germany. Sites for Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, UK and France are also welcome. Would also love to hear your experiences with the sites and agencies.

Thank you all.
The following may be of some use to you
Thanks so much Keydeck. Bravo!
Yes, Thx for those websites (just had a search through them).

Found a few customer service agencies that require english speakers and not requiring a full fluency of german, just enough to communicate with the team - will have a look at those tomorrow when im abit awake to fill in the forms.


I know a few semiconductor companies looking to hire people. some are posted on the
Would be interested to know how you get finding a on.. I'm just outta work here and returning back after failing to find work. My German is intermediate but thats not good enough. Good luck too
Dear job-seekers,

this is the site of Arbeitsamt with some good links

this is for other countries

good luck
what do the germans call "labour" work.

EG: working in factories and so forth. Like a - for example, warehouse that stocks dog food/toys ect and the employee's gather what a client wants from the shelves and then ship it off. Basically like a dog/toy retail supplier.

I think they are called pickers (employers pick what stock needs to be shipped from what retails want).

But that type of jobs. What are they called in German?

cheers guys
Most likely it's still called Job. If you go to klick on the link Jobbbörse and in the menu that comes up klick in the drop down menu. Choose under Art der Nachfrage Jobs Saisonarbeit (seasonal) oder Geringfügige Beschäftigung (casual). That's the type of job you are after when you have no or little qualifications.

With other job search sites choose from the drop down menu under Kategorie (other jobs) Sonstige Berufe.

Try also newspaper ads Rheinische Post springs to mind or do a search on big German newspapers.

Usually we call this type of labour Ungelernte Arbeitskraft, but this is not really how they phrase it in ads or websites.
have a look at that can be quite interesting. I would also look at.
picker jobs are "lager" lagerhaus=warehouse..
Another great link here:
Labour Jobs, blue collar, picker, unqualified, usually part time = politicians.
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