Which is the best city in Germany?

Advice for a Brit thinking of moving

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I am an IT professional currently living in the UK.
I am considering a move to Germany within the next few months but I am unsure what city would be best to move to. I am planning to go and visit a couple of German cities next month. Any suggestions? I had been givin Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich as a good set to visit but have heard mixed reports about some of them. Can anyone shed any light?

Johnny English
Munich is the most liveable city in the world
...of course the majority of TT'ers live in or near Munich, so we're a bit biased...though I do like this area more than any other in Germany...and I have traveled the country extensively. However, none of them are horrible places. It all depends on what you want, visit first.
Small Town Boy
If you're in IT, Munich is likely to have the best job opportunities. It's relatively expensive for Germany, but still laughable compared to Britain.
Hmm... kinda depends on what your definition of "best" could be. If you like city living then sure, Munich is great. If you have no German language skills and don't want to fully integrate into German society then of course you should stick with the largest cities where there are big expat populations. If you're a country boy at heart and would prefer having a little elbow room, or want a larger place with a garden, then a city like Munich might not be affordable and you might want to look at other, smaller places like Stuttgart or even the Reutlingen/Tübingen area which also have many IT possibilities.

So first I'd need to know what your goals and priorities are: make money? have a hobby farm? into nightlife or nature hikes? Fluent German or want to learn or no interest? tiny apartment ok or want to be in a detached house or something in-between? Married? Children? Pets? All these things would have to be taken into account to decide which is the best place for you. And what's best for me isn't necessarily something you'd appreciate, and vice versa.

Good Luck!
Depends what you do - with my current employer (been there 9.5 years) I started in the Hamburg office and now work from home 100% time.

Hence if I wanted I could move to some Hallig in the North sea or a chalet halfway up a Bavarian mountain. As long as you have a decent broadband connection.
josh p
I doubt you'd find a job here anyway due to the high unemployment, but avoid the eastern part of Sachsen Anhalt. Beautiful area, but nothing to do and few English speaking people.
The unemployment rates have dropped in the past year or so, although I think they are still higher on average in your part of the country Josh. As Bipa said, it really comes down to your lifestyle.
Not knowing your area of specialization, I would suggest targeting some areas in Germany based on the number of potential employers for your services, then doing pros and cons on the quality of life in each area.
I am planning a 6 month or longer secondment in Germany with my company, but I can't decide where! My shortlist includes LEIPZIG, NUREMBURG, MUNICH and COLOGNE - not all covered in other posts.

I'm 26 and an active person. I like a busy social life (e.g. chatting in small pubs, live music, sometimes clubbing; NOT Irish pubs). I also love walking and travelling and would love to be close to nice scenery in Germany and elsewhere, although I'm not keen on France. I love history (especially castles and anything Eastern European). I'm not into shopping, fancy bars, theatre or the arts!

I speak intermediate German and hope to become as fluent as possible whilst there. I'm a bit of cheapskate with money, but I would be provided with accommodation and on my UK salary, so a quick check of Munich prices doesn't rule it out.

I spent 6 months in Berlin, which I loved, but I'd like to try somewhere else, esp better located for weekend trips. I found Dresden a bit 'bare' and lacking in atmosphere. Hamburg is too far north, and I spent a month there and wasn't captivated by it. I've never been anywhere else in Germany! I'm sticking to cities of about 500,000 or more, for work and personal preference reasons.

As a guide, I currently live in Bristol in the UK and it's perfect for me. I didn't like living in London (expensive, overly big, late night transport hassle, can't escape to the countryside).

My specific worries are - does Munich have a culture of working long hours? Would I find Nuremburg too small and twee? Can anyone advise on Leipzig - I've been told it's really nice?


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Munich, even though the shopping hours are archaic, I do work late hours, but not everyone does, most people have regular hours.
You couldn't have added to an existing one...or even indicated that you'd bothered to read them?

Which is the best city in Germany?
Which is the best German city for me?
Sorry but Leipzig is ugly! Munich doesn't really have long working hours.. though of course depends what line of work you're in. I find Nuernberg pretty but quite small, yes. In Munich you have the Alps 1 hr away - great scenery. Munich tours also take place in English so maybe you could do that too.
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