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Hey all,

I have a quick question about my T-Com internet connection and more specifically about
my Speedport W 501V router.

Its set up for wifi and it runs like a charm...on my personal laptop. However, when I try
to use my work laptop to connect...nichts. It asks for a password, which I provide, but
the connection fails.

I am using WEP encryption and MAC filtering. I'm not too knowledgeable about either. I
thought that the MAC filtering was not allowing other computers with different MAC addresses
to access the wifi point. I tried to turn it off, but then my own laptop wasn't working.

Here are my settings at the moment:
Wireless LAN Einstellungen
>> Verschlüsselung WEP
>> MAC-Filterung 1 berechtige(r) PC(s)
>> Nachtschaltung Aus

The Konfiguration is in German, so I am having problems getting this to work.

I would be forever grateful if someone was willing to share the solution. My better half
and myself would be forever in-debt to the person who managed to let us surf the net
on separate computers

Thanks in advance,
Well I have a 701V, but the settings menu looks familiar.
Sounds like you need to add the MAC of your work PC to the list, or simply switch the MAC filtering off.

To do the former:
1. Click on the MAC settings
2. Click on "PC hinzufügen"
3. Add your MAC in 00:1a:2a:3a:4a:5a format
4. Save settings

1. Click on MAC settings
2. Under MAC-Filterung, click Betriebzustand
3. Click "Aus"

Try again.
Hi fnkygbn,

Thanks for the fast help. I tried the first method you described...but it seems
that there is a difference between the 701V and the 501V. I don't have the
option to add new MAC addresses it seems. Please have a quick look at my
Attached image

Is this similar to your system?

I don't really want to turn off MAC filtering because as I mentioned when I
tried it before no PC was able to connect. Plus I like having the MAC filtering
as a security feature.

Thanks again, any other suggestions?

Yes, that's odd - I do have an 'add PC' option:

Attached image

Mind you I had to fiddle with this thing for 2 days before I got a) the repeater to work
and B) the WEP encryption (on both router AND repeater). Are you connected to the router with a cable? Saving any config will tend to
reset it immediately.
thanks again fnkygbn,

seems that the software versions are different for both routers.

So it means that I cannot have MAC filtering if I use the Speedport
W 501V.

Hopefully someone else out there might have the same router
and be able to help.

Hi fnkygbn again,

Thanks a million for your help...using your tip about "PC hinzufügen"
I downloaded the latest firmware version for my speedport and now
I have this option.

Thanks a million,
So this means they use the same firmware? The fresh download option did occur to me, but I thought "nah, he'll have tried that already"!
Welcome to multi-user wifi.
Got a new laptop for xmas, but can't connect it to our wireless network. The T-com configuration page is in german and i doo't understand it. Would anyone be so kind to tell me the steps for allowing a new laptop to access our wireless network? I had an IT guy from work configure the security so that we have to give access to any new computer trying to use our wireless, but he no longer works with me! HELP!
Thanks for any advice.

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It all depends on how the wireless security was set up in the first place when router was first installed and configured. Either you need to give your laptop "permission" to use the network by changing the router configuration to includes its' unique "MAC" address, or you need to enter a security password (set up when the router was configured) to confirm the connection. If the person who set up the router was especially efficient you may have to do both.
Thanks for the reply. Yes, both were done. I know how to enter the security password, but i don't know how to configure the MAC info of the new laptop as this is all in German. I'm hoping someone can tell me what to click on. Thanks.
Are there firewalls on these modems? I can't get bittorrent or IRC to work.
Hi spyderbyte,

You will have to open the ports for that. Its in the konfiguration menu as shown here...

Place to enter port addresses

You will have to find out what ports they are using.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, both were done. I know how to enter the security password, but i don't know how to configure the MAC info of the new laptop as this is all in German. I'm hoping someone can tell me what to click on. Thanks.
What kind of router is this?

Are there firewalls on these modems? I can't get bittorrent or IRC to work.
If it's a router, will need to set up port forwarding to your machine for the incoming connections. You can specify the port in bittorrent clients, so you have to find out which one your client is using first. IRC doesn't need an incoming connection per se, but some servers require ident. In that case you need to fwd port 113 to your computer. Also sending files via DCC will not work unless you fwd the port range specified in the client's DCC options. If you don't want to set up the ports individually and don't mind the risk, you can just put your computer in the DMZ.
Danke! Danke! Danke and thanks!

You guys rock so much. Incidentally I had to open ports in the states for IRC. I can't believe I didn't think about that.
Hello all,

I was looking at this forum to try an configure my 501v Router. Well I was trying to connect my wireless I-Mate digital picture frame and also my PS3. I already had my home computer and laptop able to connect but these other 2 could not. Now i saw something about MAC filtering and i tried doing that but couldn't add the MAC due to the needed upgrade. But as i tried looking for "PC hinzufügen" and i cant seem to find it. Now i tried to find way to update the firmware but cant find it also. I also made the mistake of turning on MAC filtering and once i did that and saved i can no longer get into my router via wirelss. I am trying deperatly to find the network cable that came with it, because my other cables seem to not work when i tried to log into my router. I get 2 lights, i cant remember the first one but the one on the left is on along with WLAN, but the online on doesn't come on at all. I tried pulling the power out and waiting hoping the router would reset itself but nothing. I need some help please here, its funny cause i am in the telcom world and i screwed up my own network.
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