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Info on companies, suggested contacts, etc.

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well done on making the networking site. I (among other things) worked in the art department on a feature film and have completed a course in drafting and modelmaking for film - set dressing, prop making, drawing plans, storyboards etc, should anyone be of need.
Hey! I have read all the posts on here before but now I decided to check them out again!

If anyone needs a Costume Designer let me know!

You can find my work here:

I´m from Barcelona and i will be in Berlin in October, if anyone needs me, just contact me!

ENG Cameraman & Editor (Master)
Cinema Director & Scriptwriter (Master)
Stage Manager (Tv Regie & Teatre) (Career Diplomat)

I work in TV as Cameraman & Editor in 4 diferent TV Shows and another TV Show as Regie. TV Spots as assistant.
I work in Cinema as Cameraman, Director (Finalist in Cinema Fantastic Sitges), Sound and Scriptwriter.
In theater i work as Lighting Tecnician
Freelance Cameraman & Editor
All in Barcelona

HDCam (AVCHD) ax-2000 (sony)
iMac 27" i5
1000w & 500w Fresnel
Sound Mixer Yamaha and Beringher Microphones

Languajes: English, Galician, Catalonian, Spanish


Really nice to find this forum. Congrats about this ideia.

I would like to move to Berlin, I´m 30 and I´m in Lisbon right now.

I´m envolved with music since 1992 (Dj, Radio and Music Producer, Sound Design) and I work with vinyl, Cdj´s, Ableton Live, Reason, Soundbooth, etc..
Here some works of mine:

Sound design:!/video/video.php?v=10150209627260093

Original tracks & remixes (realesed):

How can I get a job in this city? Can you help me please. I dont say a word in german.


Thanks, All the best,

Best Regards
So did anyone here manage to get any work in the media industry? If so, how are you getting on?

Producer / 1st AD
Ukrainian connection

Currently I'm living in Prague and Ulm, London from time to time.

I'll be happy to find some projects in Berlin, better regular job Me and my girlfriend going to live in best city of the Universe!

Warm regards,

3d Animation & Music

I'm a mexican CG Artist with experience & professional knowledge in 3d Animation for Cinema & Videogames.

[Professor - Master Degree in Animation 2009-2011 - Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona | Polytechnic University of Valencia
Professor at Schule der Vielfalt Borg Krems, Austria 2011.
Private lessons of Maya & 3ds Max. Currently - Berlin]

You can watch many of the projects I was involved since 2007 in Barcelona.

Attached image

Dome Projection for big companies, 3d Mapping projection at the Stadium for NIKE. Research groups [2008-2011], working as CG Artist & technical support with Interactive Graphic Representation Technologies and Automation Character Animation.


Character Design & Modeling, Animation & Skinning, Blend Shapes|Morph Targets, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Motion Capture, editing and integration,
3d Avatars and Environments for Integration for Interactive Mixed Reality Performances and Installations. Assets for realtime. 3d content integration for video
and cinema...

I'm open for independent, experimental, and interesting hybrid projects and audiovisual productions.

Depending the difficulty and the deadlines of the project, the budget.

PD: I'm also musician & curator [ free jazz, electroacoustic, improvised music... drums & voice ]

Looking forward!

Hello my name is Pedro i am from Uruguay, i have extended experience as a production asistant and as a gaffer on several productions on my country i even work for AXN on Punta del Este and a Sitcom called Dance for six months i have been working on this for 6 years already i speak English Spanish Portuges, and im learning German as well. I came to Berlin not a week a go and i wana get in conact with people of the same areas to discuss and make projects, my mail is or I got my oun camera with me and will
DOP & Editor available for any english speaking or german speaking projects. I am freelance and you can view my work here:
Contact details are on the website.
Unfortunately, it seems as though this thread has been dead for a while now. I'd like to see if we can revive it with some more general questions regarding the industry in Germany and specifically in Berlin. If you have any answers to any of the questions here, please feel free to chime in. Additionally, it would be helpful if you could add roughly how long and in which department you've been active.

Quickly about myself: My name is Samuel Herbig, and I've worked in New York for the past 8 years in the electric department as electrician, best boy, gaffer and rigging gaffer and am a member of the I.A.T.S.E. Local 52 there. I am moving to Berlin in August and am trying to find the best way to get my foot in the door.

Here are my questions:

1. Are there websites that post job listings that you've used? If "yes", which one's? Are there/what are the differences?
2. Is there a cooperative, association or union that represents or in which members of the film industry organize? If "yes", what are they? Are they separated by craft? Are there different groups in different regions?
3. Who hires you? Do you get hired through various contacts you have in the industry or are you hired by a company?
3a. If you're hired by a company, did you fill out and send in a job application?
4. Are your jobs 100% freelance? If not, can you estimate the percentage that you do freelance?
5. Do you pay for your health insurance by yourself? If not, who does and how did you come by that arrangement?
6. What is the average length of your work day?
7. Is there a glossary of technical on-set film terms somewhere online, which are used in the german film community (a la the Harry Box book)?

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I am looking forward to your answers and suggestions. By the way, if I missed anything I hope that you'll just add it to the list of questions. Perhaps we can build this out to be some kind of FAQ for industry newcomers.

Also, anyone interested in a meetup? If yes, send me PM and I'll see if I can organize a Berlin Film Industry Meetup.

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