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My wife and I are moving to Berlin. We are clueless about property issues in Germany.
Can anyone suggest what should be the budget for an apartment that is
- Sufficiently furnished
- Has 1 bedroom and a living room (and ofcourse kitchen, bathroom etc)
- Has a good connectivity to business areas (my office would be in Mitte)

I am not looking for a luxurious (i.e expensive) apartment. Just a decent & comfortable one for a couple.
Whatever online ads I came across where quotting high rents (450 Euros plus). What would be the best way to find a reasonably rented apartment? Which areas should I look into for searching?

Thanks in advance..
450 Euros is not that expensive for a 2-room flat. Flats are usually rented empty (unless you sublet - "Zwischenmiete" from someone, usually for a limited period). Furnished apartments are available, I believe, but are expensive.
In general, don't mind about the connectivity - most districts in Berlin are really well connected to the center with public transport. Wedding, Tiergarten and Neukölln are the cheapest districts close to Mitte (there are 55 m² 2-room apps for about 300 euro - not furnished though), but there are people out there, who call these districts "ghetto".
Whatever online ads I came across where quotting high rents (450 Euros plus). What would be the best way to find a reasonably rented apartment?
450 euros cold won't get you much in a decent 2-room apartment plus kitchen these days, I think, and certainly not furnished. The Saturday edition of the Berliner Morgenpost is the classic place to look for rentals - I don't think it's published online.
For accessibility to Mitte commercial district and overall living standard, you might look at places around the Rosenthaler Vorstadt, the area north of Rosenthaler Platz up to Bernauer Strasse including Zionskirchplatz, Arkonaplatz, Veteranenstrasse, Anklamer Strasse, Kastanienallee, Schwedter Strasse. Lots of recently renovated buildings, good atmosphere, plenty of cafés, restaurants and nearby shopping etc. 3 tram lines and very good U and S-bahn access.
Ami in Berlin
Where do you come from that €450 for a FURNISHED apartment in the CITY CENTER is considered expensive? That's dirt cheap in pretty much any capitol city in the western world.
Luckily your not coming to Munich. 450€ will hardly get you a single room in a shared house here.

Maybe you're thinking the rent is weekly or something, I know in Australia that is how they are done. That won't be the case, people pay rents here by the month, so you're looking at 450€ per month.
You can search the Berliner Zeitung, Morgenpost online (I do every Sat). 450 Euros a month (plus nebenkosten, prob about 150 Euros on top of that) is not a bad starting price but could be pushing it a little for Mitte. I'm in Schoeneberg and I pay 488 a month all in (except cooking gas and elec) for 61 square metres with a balcony but I got the place in 2003 and I see that the prices have gone up about 10% since then in this area.
I was told about low rents in Berlin from articles/forums posted on TT.. Anyways, so how much should I be prepared to pay for a small, furnished apartment for a family of 2? I would like to put-up in a area that is safe and has a good connectivity.

Basically I am being transferred through a rellocation company and don't want to end paying a bomb for rents.. Since some of you have been through the thick of such things, may be some pointers can help..
Despite the very nice deal that #7 seems to have, I think that around 800 euros is the minimum one should expect to pay for a reasonably comfortable 1-bedroom apt. in central Berlin. Of course, this depends on the actual size. A 50 sq. m. mousehole with a little tiny bedroom and living room is going to cost less than a generous, modernized 80 sq. m. with nice big rooms. A newly-renovated place with lots of light and decent heating will cost more than a dark, drafty old place with a coal stove. Prices plunge if you select an unpopular district further from the city centre: Spandau, Reinickendorf, some parts of Neukölln, Pankow and Wedding for example.
My husband and I live in Prenzlauer Berg in a 59 sq meter, 2.5 room apartment, which, in addition, has a nice sized kitchen and a nice bathroom with bathtub. We pay 535 euro warm (gas included). Checkout Zitty and Tipp online for some more listings (just google either and the links should come up).
My wife and I found a great furnished apartment in Kreuzberg. We are sub-letting for a year. The cost for rent (including gas, electic, cable, tv, and lobby maintenance is around 600 Euro a month. I can estimate room sizes: Bedroom 12 X 20, livingroom 14 X 18, Office 6 X18 and there is a small balcony, kitchen 6 X 13 and there is a small front entrance area. The rooms have high ceilings which give the allusion of more space. Mitte is a 10 minute subway ride. We feel safe enough to walk around alone at night. Almost forgot, the bathroom is around the same size as the kitchen.
Ami in Berlin
€400/month gets me 63 sq. m., including utilities, in a quiet area one street from Treptower Park. 15 minutes with the S-Bahn to the city centre or a 15 minute walk to Kreuzberg for any nightlife or restaurants I might want. You can pay less than that in Neukoln with even better transport links, it just means living the immigrant neighbourhood. As this is Berlin, it is completely safe, just not exactly quiet.

Honestly Zene, the numbers everyone is posting here are VERY cheap. Yes, you will pay more in Mitte. But how much would you pay in central London? Your trouble is going to be finding something furnished. When we took over our apartment, even the lighting fixtures had been stripped. If you are being moved through a relocation company, why do you need a furnished flat, anyway?
Also look online at immobilienscout24.de. This is where we found our flat. It is in Friedrichshain - 68 qm with Einbauküche (built-in kitchen) for 500 euros warm.

Good luck.
Thanks everyone for your replies - quite useful and informative..

I'd prefer to move into an apartment without subletting clause.. since it would be for a long term.

Ami, can you elaborate on how to best utilise the relocation company's facilities so avoid redoing/repurchasing things already owned?
I thought I'd sell-off all my furniture-electronics back home and move into a furnished apartment there. This was b'cause I thought owning and carrying furniture around would not be a good option in Berlin. But it sounds like that may add a significant burden on my rent.

Also, my priorities are a safe neighbourhood and good connectivity. I can understand that Mitte is not a cheap place.. but isn't it possible to find safe & well-connected neighbourhoods with apartment rents in the range of 450-525 Euros?
isn't it possible to find safe & well-connected neighbourhoods with apartment rents in the range of 450-525 Euros?
Of course - if it doesn't have to be furnitured. When we searched last year we even found a 3-room app. (about 70 sqm) for 540 € including everything but electricity and telephone in northern Mitte.
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