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German dress sense, or lack of it

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Malcolm Spudbury
Apparently the Romans used to do it too:

Despite conquering the known world, it seems the Romans had a very different idea of what constituted sartorial chic. Evidence for what, by modern standards, would be considered a lack of style has been uncovered at a major archaeological dig in south London, where a foot from a bronze statue appears to be adorned with both socks and sandals.
Romans' crimes of fashion revealed

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I think that is a picture of my grandfather's last vacation in Hawaii!! LMAO!!
Yes, it's summer (or at least summer approaches) I know this because yesterday my neighbour was in his summer attire.
He's a youngish bloke, trim , etc. the sort of boy you'd take home to meet dear old Mum.
He's got the figure hugging v-neck T-shirt (white), the athletically cut; slinky material shorts, Action/Trekking Sandals and... wait for it...


What do they look like?

Who teaches these people how to (or not) dress? I mean come on, us Brits are not reknown for our sense of dress (well, I aren't for starters), but we (I hope) are aware that one looks a complete dick when wearing ones Shorts/Socks/Sandal combination.
Or is it just me? I have I at the ripe old age of 42 turned into a premature Viktor Meldrew?

BLACK SOCKS for gawds sake!
Grumpy of Harthause
Editor Bob
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The awful habit is not restricted to men.

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I just don´t get it. I mean... if you´re going to wear them together.. its for indoors or gardening purposes only... you just don´t wear that ensemble outside the house (not that I would ever wear that combo)!!
I think my next door neighbour would look good in that get up
I bet you could make a fortune selling Birkenstocks and socks "packages" at Aldi (Would sell even better if you threw in a rucksack).
I guess Big C's nightmare would be pedal pushers, Socks and Sandals
I don't really know where those ppl are getting that sense of fashion from...
I never worn them and none of my family friends ever did. At least i think and hope so.
isn't Florida a popular German vacation spot? There's your culprit.
Well if you want to go a level higher on the tasteless scale:

Socks & Thongs...

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i personally love wearing my birkenstocks all year round..and sometimes that means socks and sandals in winter. and im from new york. its not just a german thing
Malcolm Spudbury
Sandals & Socks 4 Ever
Big C
bit late but:
@karambos - you wouldn't make any money selling Birkenstocks here are the germans hate them, they reckon they are for old men. They are however very cool in England at the mo. One of my friends who came over was amazed at how cheap they were here and bought a pair!

Most of my housemates can be seen in socks and sandals most of the time. I've pointed out how stupid it looks and that the it's famous in England, that the germans's do this, but they just ignore it!
I have always known that the world would finally learn what good taste means:

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(Picture taken in a prada-store)

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