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Purple Muffin
Is anybody with the DKB bank and can offer any tips? Is the experience generally good or bad?

Thanks in advance
I just started with them. So far nothing different to any bank. You get an online account with a money account and a Visa card.

Main advantage is they are not meant to charge you money for withdrawing cash from the 'wrong' ATM card which can happen to you a lot when you are with Postbank for example. I havent actually put this into practise yet but thats what ive been told by people in work who suggested i get this account.
Purple Muffin
Main advantage is they are not meant to charge you money for withdrawing cash from the 'wrong' ATM card which can happen to you a lot when you are with Postbank for example. I havent actually put this into practise yet but thats what ive been told by people in work who suggested i get this account.
If I read correctly though that is only when drawing money out on the Visa card and not the EC card though... well they only said withdrawls with the visa card in the online info. Do you know which cash group/pool they are with as I couldn't find that out? I assume none of them if it is indeed free to withdraw money with EC card...
My mortgage is also with DKB and I'm quite happy with them - all the arrangements were done quickly and efficiently, and they even phone back when they say they will.
I am with them. The account is free. The use of the Visa card for withdrawls (any ATM) is free but withdrawing with an EC card costs 10€ (and yes they do charge it). The use of an EC card in shops is free. I am happy with them and when we needed service it was quick and efficient.
Deutsche Kreditbank AG is a Subsidiary of Bayerische Landesbank.
From a customer perspective I have only heard good things about them, and you can have a nice warm fuzzy feeling knowing that your cash is on deposit with an institute that is owned by a Landesbank.
I think they have trodden on a few peoples toes by aggressively pricing to get businsess. I know they undercut Bayerische Landesbank on mortgages even though I imagine they get their funding from the Bayernlb Treasury as well.
I've been with them for my main (only) bank account in Germany for three years, and can recommend them (and also have a number of colleagues at work who are happy with them). Only drawback that I can see is that they don't have that many branches (although they are nationwide) and that branch opening hours are laughable (literally not much more than a couple of hours a week in Rostock, may be different in bigger cities), but apart from paying in the odd refund cheque and a bit of account admin (which can generally be done by post/fax/phone/web, unless you need to present an Ausweis) then there's not really any need to go to the branch.

Money withdrawals on the EC card are only free on DKB ATMs, which seem to only be in their branches. Otherwise ATM withdrawals on the Visa card are free nation- and worldwide (even outside Euroland), and since any deposits in the Visa account attract a (for Germany) very good rate of interest (currently 3.8%) then I usually transfer as much as possible straight over to the Visa account and use that as a savings and instant cash account - if you need to transfer money back to the Giro account to cover bills, rent, etc. then you can now do so online since they upgraded their banking software last month. Using the Visa internationally in shops attracts an average commission, as does use of the EC as a Maestro internationally (get yourself a UK Nationwide current account and Visa to get those free from commission!).

I've no idea what their other charges are like since I've never paid any (or compared to other banks), but they're all listed on their website, in case you haven't yet found them.
Purple Muffin
Ok so my next question is if interest is charged on cash visa withdrawls from day one? I assume though if you transfer a sum over to the visa account then you avoid this.
no idea - so long as your visa credit account stays in the black (as mine does) then you don't get charged anything. I'd imagine that if it goes in the red it would be charged interest from day 1, certainly for cash withdrawals (is there any bank that doesn't do that). I guess the AGBs will tell you.
Purple Muffin
Yes that is what I was thinking so the solution as you say as to keep it in the black. Also since there is such a high interest rate this makes a lot more sense!

We are actually only going to use that account as a household account for bills etc so doubt we'll make any cash withdrawals anyway.

Yes assume cash withdrawals are charged from day 1 if in the red same as any other credit card :-)

Thanks for all the tips people I am going to go with them
I need a credit card and this offer looks interesting... What do you think, should I go with it?
Anyone knows if they (DKB employees) speak english?
There is any DKB branch in Munich?
I want to open an acount with them but I'm not seeing any info regarding a Munich branch...
Any information highly appreciated.
They only have branches in former East Germany. List of their branches:
You can however open an account by using Postident, i.e. go to, click on "Jetzt eröffnen", fill in the questions, print out the resulting .pdf Adobe file, sign it, take it to your post office together with your passport and the Meldebestätigung. The post office then fills in a form which you have to sign with your passport number, and sends all documents to DKB in Berlin. This does not cost you anything. After about 2 weeks you will have an account you can access via Internet banking.
Thanks PM.
I've went to the online form starting to fill it in until I've ended up at the next text:
'Das Konto wird für eigene Rechnung gemäß §8 Geldwäschegesetz eröffnet.' I have no idea what it means and don't know what to choose between yes and know.
Can you help me?

I'll try and get somebody from DKB on the phone tomorrow.
This just means that you want to open an account for yourself (that the account will be yours not only in name, i.e. that nobody else controls your actions in which way you use the account) and that you will not launder money generated by criminal activities with it. That's just a standard assurance every bank has to get from its customers. Just try saying "No" to that statement, you will see that the system refuses to go on to the next page.
If you haven't lived 5 years at your current address, the next page asks you about the address previous to your current one (put the house number in the extra field to the right of the field for the street name).
On the following page, click on "Fertigen Antrag anzeigen und drucken" (= show filled in .pdf appliction and print it) or "Antrag zum Download" (= download the .pdf file application), sign it on page 2, 3 and 4, take it to any post office together with your passport and a copy of the Meldebescheinigung which states your current address and which you got when you announced at the KVR (Kreisverwaltungsreferat) where you live (Anmeldung). You should also bring a copy of your Gehaltsnachweis (salary slip) and put it in the envelope to DKB, since this account is only available to employees (not to self-employed people). You don't even have to bring your own envelope, the post office uses their own for PostIdent. No real need to call DKB, it's really easy...

Just a hint, Google language tools is your friend:
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