Digestive cookies or graham crackers - Berlin

Suggestions on where to buy them

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I am going to make some cheesecakes but the problem I have right now is getting those or oreos to make the crust?
Can't help you about sources of digestives in Berlin, but suggest you try looking for something readily available - Spekulatius (spicy plain Christmas cookies) is already in the supermarkets from Aldi upwards for Christmas and makes a tasty cheesecake crust, or there are wheaty/wholemeal type cookies by (I think) Bahlsen called Hobbit that would also work. Or try a Turkish store - our local Turkish deli has a huge range of terrific Turkish cookies which includes a couple of digestive types. (And brilliant custard creams. Incidentally, the same company, Ülker, makes something called Kat Kat Tat which it describes as "puffy pastry". Love it.)
Small Town Boy
Cheesecake is a very common cake in Germany so it won't be difficult to find suitable German biscuits. Have a look at some online recipes to see what they use. Otherwise KaDeWe has a pretty international food hall, but it will make the cheesecake one of the world's most expensive.

Edit: You use Oreos to make a cheesecake base???
Ah, but German cheesecakes usually have a base of Mürbteig (if normal cheesecake) or sponge (if Sahne-Käsekuchen). Different other cheesecakes, you see.
although not normal if you want a chocolate crust using oreos can be helpful- same as a chocolate graham cracker crust...
if replacing Graham crackers I have always used Plain Leibnitz biscuits. For a chocolate cheesecake the chocolate Leibnitz work very well You can sometimes get Digestive biscuits in Indian shops...well in Munich anyway!

You can get some from my sister in Berlin, she always has some in her kitchen
Robert Hamburg
They have digestives at all branches of Ikea.
Would shortbread biscuits help? Because they sell them in all the Kardstadts and any shop with an international section, I've seen also a German brand doing 'digestives' now, they sell them in Kaisers.
I love oreos as crust as it tune down the sweetness of the cheesecake... makes it taste nice... since Oreos are not sweet if you take off the cream in between... hehe...
Go to the British shop and buy some, take the U7 and get off at Südstern

Körtestr 10 , 10967 Berlin
The IKEA digestives would be perfect for cheesecake.
KDW 6th floor has all that stuff for sure (at a price).
tried today with liebniz... wonder how it´ll taste like... with blueberries topping...
Small Town Boy
Send me a piece, I'll let you know if it's any good.
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