Insurance claim on prescription eyeglasses - Germany

Advice needed for flat insurance

I am preparing to make a claim on our flat insurance for prescription eyeglasses that were lost in an unplanned Isar dunk during a flossfahrt. Friends have said I must word my claim carefully in order to get reimbursed, ie, lost eyewear may not qualify for replacement. Any advice? I have already experienced one claim rejection when a friend's child accidentally broke our digital camera during a visit. Insurance co. said I had to claim it on the child's parents' insurance.
well the thing with the child's parents insurance is that they should pay for what their kid broke. that is why most if not all german's have haftpflichtversicherung or liability insurance. i accidently stepped on bf's glasses and my liability insurance covered his repair, but i had to file the claim.
do you want to make a claim on your renter's/home owners insurance or your liability insurance? i know my renter's insurance covers me from loss of household items due to theft or fire or whatever, but i know my deductible would be too high to make it worth it for me to try to claim a lost pair of glasses against my renter's insurance.
i do not think my liability insurance covers me from damage i did to myself. now if you threw your wife/husband in the river and she/he lots his glasses, then...
It is pretty shocking if these friends don't INSIST on paying for what their kid broke.

As for the insurance claim, I have no idea other than ringing up the insurance company and asking.
I was just told by my insurance company TK that due to some 2004 law, they dont cover anything on a prescription eyeglasess...There is nothing I can do about it, but wouldnt mind learning more about why the hell there is no vision care coverage by TK, and what is this law all about...Any comments would be appreciated.
No health insurance will cover glasses, TK is hardly alone in this.

IIRC, the only exception is children under 18, and those suffering from extremely bad eyesight (less than 30% in the better of the two eyes, *with* glasses). In those specific cases, they will pay a set amount (that is the same for all health insurance providers) toward the glasses, but nothing toward the frames.

If contact lenses on medically necessary, health insurance will cover the costs, but only up to the amount that comparable glasses would cost.
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