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Hi guys,i´m an American living in Germany ( M.V region) and i want to know if there is any University which can teach courses in English ( for Bachelors degree). I´ve been looking online but no answer. I dont care if it is private,state or whatever i just want to save my time and study in the language i know. Thanks a lot and please feel free to give me any suggestions.

I doubt you'll be lucky with German public universities, that is, you will have a very hard time finding one where all classes for one major are held inEnglish without any German requirements.

Schiller Int'l University (SIU) has a campus in Heidelberg, the classes are held in English, tuition is American-style (i.e. expensive ) but you might also want to add which major you want to go for as they only offer a very limited choice of majors: http://www.schiller.edu/cms/front_content.php

There are probably some int'l programs at some universities, mine (Uni Heidelberg) offers a Master's degree in American Studies, which is exclusively in English but I don't know of any undergraduate programs that are done exclusively in English... maybe someone else does.
I think you should consider distance learning from US universities- you can take a three credit course from LSU (not all courses are offered, though) for $279 plus the cost of the course textbook. There are also CLEP, DSST and other exams for credit. What subject do you want to major in?
Hi have you tried looking at the DAAD website www.daad.de ?

It's a gov run organisation that offers scholarships for foreign students wanting to study in Germany as well as a list of all the degree courses offered in the country and what the requirements are for them. Again, like mariposa said, ive only seen international Masters courses as beign taught in English (and even then some of it is usually in German). Worth a look though, if you dont find anything there, then I doubt there is much else, unless private or international schools offer things...

I did my Masters in Germany. As far as i know there were not many courses offering Bachelors in English. But i could be wrong, because i started my Masters 3 years before and at that time Germany didnt have any Bachelors/Masters system.. They had Diplom and Masters.. I would suggest to dig into those websites.. they provides loads of info.
all the best.
Jacobs University in Bremen
business schools have some programmes run entirely in english. i know cuz my universitie had exchange agreements with them. for instance

european business school (ebs), germany's oldest private business school in Oestrich-Winkel

also, u mannheim has new bachelor of science degree in economics taught entirely in english. u mannheim is like the best school. i only know for economics though because that's what i study, don't know for any other discipline.
Check out londonexternal.ac.uk. If you have further questions about the University of London, I might be able to answer them.
Small Town Boy
There are over 600 English-language courses at German universities, around two-thirds of which are at Master's level. The full list can be found at DAAD: International Programmes.
Interesting to hear that Uni Mannheim now has a BS in Economics taught in English, but I wonder if there is a numerus clausus for it.
Keep in mind the semester times in MA are different from other German universities, closer to American schools, so deadlines might be earlier than at other schools.

I would like to know if it is possible to continue education at University level in Germany but in English? Are there any English spoken Universities? Or what are the options for people who don't speak German well?


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Yeah, some universities offer degrees entirely in English, though it may be hard to find public German universities offering undergraduate degrees where no German is necessary. (Graduate programs, on the other hand, would be a lot easier to find.)
Schiller International University is a private American university that has a campus in Heidelberg, they offer undergrad degrees. And there may be other private universities offering degrees entirely in English.
My school in Bad Honnef in the Nord Rhein Westphalen offers Bachelors in Int'l Business Administration, Int'l Hospitality and Tourism, Event Management, and Aviation, as well as Masters Degrees, all in English only. I knew zero English when I came to this school, so its all good.
www.fh-bad-honnef.de click on the british flag for english
good luck
what do you want to study by the way?
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