"Maria-Theresia-Klinik" and "Dritter Orden" - Munich

Info and reviews on these two hospitals

Has anyone had experiences at either Maria-Theresia-Klinik or Dritter Orden? Anyone know anything about their reputations? Or maybe you know a really good doctor at one of those hospitals you can recommend.
I have only heard good stories of Maria Theresia Klinik which is a small private clinic. I have a friend who is a surgeon there. Another friend was recently operated on there (Thyroid) - she was very happy with the care facilities etc.
I know that the Geburtsklinik of the Dritter Orden is ment to be one of the best in Munich. Whether that means that the whole hospital is good, no idea.
Maria-Theresia-Klinik is highly recommended.
Why was my post deleted? I answered the questions and posed one back that needs to be answered by the OP to be of any value!

Yes, good, depends on what you need!

I could answer about the doc that did my appendix, but I doubt he would be any good at breast implants. I could ask about the doc that did my wife's surgery, but I doubt he would be any good at delivering babies.
I was born at Dritter Orden, and my mom said she felt really well taken care of there, I also heard from others they are really good for giving birth there, though I guess, like eurovol said, it depends on what you need to go to the hospital.
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