Beauty salons in Aachen

Where to go for waxing, threading, etc.

Just wondering if anyone knows of some good salons that offer waxing (i.e., Brazilian) and eyebrow threading? Also any ayurvedic massage or acupressure practitioners? I'm having a hard time locating things onlilne. I've found an Aveda salon to frequent for my hair, but can't seem to find any other grooming/natural salons. Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for a threading and waxing place as well but I'm in Düsseldorf. Any recommendations for a deep tissue massage therapist would be great too!
The Babor flagship salon is in Aachen, in the old town right by the cathedral. They offer many services there, although it's skincare, not hair care. Babor is a very good line. or
I'm not looking for hair care - just waxing and threading. And not just eyebrow waxing - all body parts waxing. I'm open to something in Düsseldorf as well. I know I won't find anything in this small farming community, so I'm willing to travel as long as I can find a salon that does threading and the same one or a different one that does brazillian waxing. Thanks!
Oh too funny I am still laughing at Lauri´s take on Aachen! LOL!!! I am also surprised these posts are so old and outdated. What´s up? Not enough traffic to keep it fresh?SB
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