Naked Oktoberfest barmaids - Playboy Germany

A boost to Playboy magazine sales

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As was previously mentioned elsewhere.

From Ananova... Naked barmaids boost German Playboy sales

Pictures of naked barmaids has helped to sell out the latest edition of Playboy in Germany.

Attached imageThe edition for October marks the start of the Oktoberfest with a special beer festival edition.

Topless girls carrying jugs of beer and wearing traditional Alpine dirndl dresses are featured throughout the special edition.

Female visitors who want to make sure they fit in this year have the option of hiring an authentic, historic dirndl dress online.

Munich costume designer Ute Klimke and stylist Bettina Richter say their online rent-a-dirndl service has already drawn calls from far and wide.
Playboy do a Wies'n Playmate every year (together with gong 96,3) but this year's issue does have a really rather good beerfest special. Worth a look (if you can find a copy - Käfer still has copies *apparently*)

Chalmondley Warner

More on the website: Playboy Germany - Miss Oktober 2004

O'zapft is!

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damn those BMW firewalls. can't access that link
sorry but she's crap.

the rules state that you have to be able to carry a minimum of ten maß, thereby quenching the thirst of a whole table in one go. she' got four maß and is carrying them in the most wimpy fashion i've every seen. and wheres the enticing decolté (spelling?), she's just flopping her tits around like a cheap tart. no, not good really, not at all lady like.
Right - I'm off out to buy it. Foxy will just have to accept that it's a memento of my time in Bavaria.
I dont mind babe - we have a copy in the office!
Cough bring it home cough
Jimbo, plse bring along to BNO on friday! If the copy is still acceptable for public appearances by then
Sorry, but by then I'll have had it laminated and mounted...fnar.
Too far Jim, too far. She'll have you laminated and mounted if you're not careful.
Not sure Jimbo would mind being laminated and mounted...
Laminated might not be so pleasant...mounted is of course fine.
Laminated is better. You can wipe the pages down easier...
Oh is that what that meant, I getcha now.
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