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Okay, I will be moving to Stuttgart in about 45 days! I am young and single so I would like to stay in an area that there are alot of nightlife activities. Can anyone give me suggestions on where to live and what bars, clubs, discos I should check out??? ANY advice would be much appreciated!
Capitan Harlock
well, based on my relatively short experience (6 months) I am sorry to tell you that the night life in stuttgart is quite miserable ... nevertheless in the downtown area you may find some bars and disco ... i don't know where you come from, but so far I find Stuttgart one of the most quite city where I have ever been.
Once you are here and you want to have a beer just drop a line.
If you do understand some German, you might want to get a copy of Lift and Prinz Stuttgart, two magazines about (night)life in Stuttgart.
Captain Harlock you are so wrong! There are lots of gems here but you need to make a little bit of effort to find the clubs, you won't discover them just by walking down the hauptstrasse, there are also a lot of clubs around the outskirts away from the city centre ( i.e. Prag, Zapata, Perkins Park, Buddha Lounge, Universum and many more ). The main bar area is on Theodor Heus Strasse, in the centre 'cheerful' places are Schocken, Romy S, Cine Colibri, Rocker 33, there are also clubs at the Bosch Arreal
Capitan Harlock
Thansks for the tips JDee. We will try to put some more efforts - however we went once to buddha lounge and it was so disappointing! and theodorus str. we don't like neither ... but we usually go to schocken and indeed it is very nice. In the week end you may find some nice party/club/bars, however during the week the city is quite desert ... but maybe because I don't know where to go
Some of the places on TH Strasse are not my cup of tea either, but I would have loved them 10 years ago.. 'Suite' is good for a few beers and a bit of head-nodding
Thanks for the info guys

I've been in Stuttgart for a few years & still wonder where all the people go during the week

If anyone whats to go out for a few beers then drop me a line

I am up for it just in from Munich decided to switch city loyalties (Got bored sh***tless)

Just left Germany after a year in Stuttgart. Check this site out. Has something to do just about every night.
Try Meyer's Cocktail bar near the Rathaus ... If you travel on the U-bahn it's RIGHT THERE! It's worth it!
5euro cocktails to dye for, and it's OK in germany to drink cocktails if you're a bloke or a girl!
Classic Rock (dont worry they dont play the Hoff), Dililas (small, packed, but fun) and as I understand it, although i have never been Charlie Bravos. Enjoy the city, it can be good fun.
TONS of stuff to do in Stuttgart!! It depends on what you're looking for.

Sunday: Italian night at Perkins Park, Salsa night at Buddha Lounge
Monday: Mixed music at Boa
Tuesday: Latin music at Hacienda
Wednesday: Karaoke night at Biddy Early's Irish Pub
Thursday: Live R&B at Litfass
Friday: R&B / Hip Hop at Phantom Bar (SI Centrum), Hip Hop at Proton, mixed music at Penthouse
Saturday: Hip Hop at City Department, mixed music at Phantom Bar

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Dilayla's is open 7 nights a week and is a pretty good plan B at any time. There are tons of bars on Theodore-Heuss-Strasse as others have said, and some play decent music (L'Oasis, Mutters Milch, California). If you can't find somewhere to go in Stuttgart, it's probaby because you haven't looked very hard.
any ideas and takers for an indie night out??
been here a week and amazingly enough missing the new music programmes on radio 1, how mad is that??!!
has anyone heard of the keller club?
found a 'rock and pop' radio station and was treated to the backlist of genesis... it just wont do!
I have to agree a little with Captain Harlock.
Most cities/towns are fairly quiet when it comes to craic or atmosphere.
yes there is lots to do, but again the atmosphere is really lacking.
Pubs only get busy when there is a specific "party" (I use the term loosly) on, be it baltic, itialian etc.

I have been out in a few different places around Germany, and it is very different to back home.
Its a little quieter, lots of people sitting at their tables enjoying a beer (clubs are a different I suppose).
I'm not saying you can't have a good time (I do, some great times, and I get out a lot I think), but just a little
more sedated I think.
This is great place, and you can have a good time,
but I just guess I miss the madness, craic, flirting etc of home.

More of a rant than help I guess
I grew up in Stuttgart, and I couldn't describe the situation better than jhonnymayo: Stuttgart can be a really, really nice place, but most about every fun people have here is just a little too sedated, yes jm ... :)

If I go out I choose Oblomov , Torstr. 20.
The music most times I was there was undefinable, i.e. some depressing mix between house and jazz, something like that. But it's no good dance music, I believe ... But I don't go there too often, because it's just more a downer than anything else.

I wanted to try "Mata Hari", Geißstraße 3, center of Stuttgart -- I read they'd play Rock music - Perhaps I'll give it a try the next few days, and then maybe report back to here ... :)

@ woo: I gave up on the possibility of good music on Stuttgart FM radios: The only station that might help: AFN, I have it on 102.4 FM ... Best time I found: Sundays from noon to night: First the country count down, after that some rock count down. I even heard NIN style stuff, I believe.

I don't believe you'll hear Motorhead, NIN, M. Manson and such on German radio. Ever. ... just forget about that ... Except I heard one of the lousiest Manson songs I know ("Heart shaped Glasses?", Pop remixed, I believe ...) a few months ago on some Stuttgart (German) FM radio ...

BBC Radio 1 feeds an Internet rtsp stream ... I just listen to it, thanks for the reminder, woo ... :) ... Just make sure to set the cache size for your music player a little higher ...

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