Graphic design jobs in Germany

Tips for finding work in this field

Hi, second time posting here.
I posted something like this in the Baden-Württemberg region, and just to cast a wider net for information i am posting here.

I have read other posts here on jobs and noted the links to job sites.

I have a few questions and i hope you could help in some way.

I have lived in the area of Stuttgart for about a year, and visit quite often. I currently live in Ireland. I have found it hard to discover design studios over the internet on search sites even through searching with German spelling of my profession, and still end up with very few results.

Is there a forum for designers and artists in Germany which connects like-minded people like ? . This site not only hosts different topics and event notices it also hosts a job section for different areas of expertise for people.

Is there a list of design studios, or knowledge of any design studios in the region?

Could it be possible to work in Germany through English (my German understanding is ok but not great)?

I have years of experiance in design and illustration, so working as an 'intern' is undesirable.
I have two web portfolios for samples of my work to show potential employers.

If there is any information it would be great.
German is essential for a designer here. You may get lucky and land somewhere your colleagues are willing to speak in English, but in terms of copy etc, it'll prove a hindrance not to have it.

DasAuge and Horizont are pretty good for jobsearching, occasionally design jobs show up on Jobscout and the Arbeitsamt. There's also DesignerDock but none of the other designers that I know that registered with them ever got a job/contact/client out of them - so, I wouldn't be recommending them.

Good luck with the hunt.
I don't know if you can do this as a graphics designer, but Johnny English is looking for a lingerie designer
Any lingerie, bra, or fashion designers out there?
Thanks for the links and I hope to find something. I will get searching
For anyone looking for freelance graphic design work in the Gelsenkirchen area (NRW) I work at an agency that is currently looking to improve it's contact list. We have a fairly steady need for freelancers to work on-site (no telecommuting, sorry) with us and German fluency is not required as we have both German and English employees and clients. A level of German for communication with non English speakers however is necessary, just be able to get your point across in German and you will probably be fine. I have just posted an ad in the NRW Classified section where you can find details if interested.

As a sidenote, our search is ongoing and not just a one time thing.
Projektwerk now has a sister site dedicated to creative jobs: Creative.Projektwerk.

Basically a freelance job exchange. But it's pricey enough.
i've posted this before:
(is a non-comprehensive database of agencies and design studios,
designers in germany, listed by city, click and look if they are hiring)

Freelance Jobs: http://www.facebook....94671214&ref=mf
Agentur Jobs: http://www.facebook....37353022&ref=mf (for germany) change the ending for the required country .ch .au etc...
Searches in english work fine. It knows that graphic designer = grafiker, Munich = München etc
it is linked to all the job sites like monster, aquent, so you don't have to suffer them.

Sure wish they'd hired a decent book designer for the project I'm reading now, rather than the crap guy they got.
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