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Store opened 2.Aug.2007

I came across an advertisement in the S-Bahn station the other day that Online Shopping is now available for H&M clothing products. It's not the best Online shop I've ever seen, but it's not too bad either. The selection is pretty well laid out and the ordering process is easy enough. I, personally, much prefer this to fighting the crowd in the store, but as you know, H&M quality always seems to spew out fickle sizes & weird fitting styles, so it is always best to try the stuff on first. But it looks like returning the items isn't a big problem.

Here is the link to the main page H&M Online Shop for Germany.

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Has anyone shopped at H&M online yet? Any problems? Does it work like the Gap where you can return the clothes at the store rather than by mail?
Welsh man
I prefer to go to the shops and try the clothes on before I buy them. I have in the past though ordered clothes from Bon Prix and if they do not fit you or you are not satisfied then you can return them FOC.
H&M website:

"Während dieser 28 Tage können Sie die Ware an den H&M Rücknahmeservice direkt zurücksenden oder in einem Paketshop Ihrer Wahl abgeben. [...] Alternativ können Sie unbenutzte Ware innerhalb von 28 Tagen nach Lieferung auch in einem H&M-Geschäft unter Vorlage des Lieferscheins zurückgeben oder tauschen. Ausnahme: Falschgelieferte oder defekte Ware. Bei Rückgabe erhalten Sie den Kaufpreis entsprechend der Zahlweise zurück. Andere Kosten werden nicht erstattet!"

So you can send it by post to the address they provide in the above link, or if the goods are unused, return them/exchange them in a shop with the delivery coupon. Exceptions are wrongly delivered goods, or damaged goods.
Thanks Urban Angel!
There is an online sale going on right now...
I always had an easy time returning things to H&M stores when they didn't fit, with a receipt and within the allowable time frame. I used to buy clothes from H&M without trying them on, because frequently there were long lines for the fitting rooms.

But without even a chance to eyeball an item to try to guess whether it would fit, I don't think I'd order online from H&M. The cheap clothes there are often in hideous colors and/or wildly divergent in terms of size. I'd be returning way more stuff than I kept, which would be more trouble than it would be worth, I'd think. I might order accessories online, or kids' clothes, but not my clothes.
I think it's good if you need a couple basic items, like singlets, long-sleeve t's, etc. Sweaters, dresses, pants, etc. definitely need to be scoped out in the store first to feel the quality and look at the real color. The models in the thumbnails make all of the items look good, so it's kind of misleading.

One good thing is I often find something in H&M that I really like, but I can't find my size because it's probably been thrown somewhere random - that store is so unorganized - or they're out of it. So the Online shopping bit is good for ordering something you already checked out in the store but couldn't purchase due to size issues, long lines at the register, etc.
So - I just went through the ordering process. Two of the four items were not available and could be sent at the END OF SEPTEMBER! Ha, what a joke.

There is a 4 € charge for shipping, and a 2 € processing fee. For two (very basic) items, I'd rather save the online order for something I really want or need and just go to the store.
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