Women want men with full lips & feminine features

Macho men not so good for love, says recent study

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Macho men not so good for love

Forget the square jaw, rugged complexion and tough-guy macho attitude -- what women really want is a man with full lips and feminine features, according to a study published on Wednesday. [...] "What I've shown is that when people look at masculine faces they see them as being associated with dominance -- which is a good thing in evolution but less good as a long-term partner," she said in a telephone interview. [...] But it wasn't the macho men who came out ahead. The study showed these masculine types with larger noses, smaller eyes and thicker eyebrows were viewed as less faithful and worse parents.
What do TT girls think?
Disagree 100%... I love big shoulders, shaved haed or else very short hair, not overly groomed and definitely not feminine!!!
Expect the appearance of threads such as "How do I photoshop my TT profile pic ?", "A friend wants to get a bee to sting him on the lips, is this a good idea?" or "Does anybody have a slightly out of focus webcam ?".
The lips per se are not so important, it's what he does with them that matters.
"Full lips and feminine features"? Hell yeah. Oh, and a man-bag and male mascara, please.
Yawn. What women want is a guy with a big bank balance.
What a load of shite. Girly men. Puh.
Expect the appearance of threads such as "How do I photoshop my TT profile pic ?"
You are damn right, I will need to enlarge that eye...
This very story was on BBC yesterday: Macho men 'not seen as good bet'.

Women do not see macho men as a sound bet for a long-term partnership, preferring those with more feminine features, a study suggests.

Men with masculine features like large noses and small eyes were seen as less warm, less faithful and worse parents than more feminine counterparts.

Some 400 British men and women made judgements after viewing photographs in which the features were subtly altered.
As you can see from the two pictures below - the ones used in the study - the difference in the features (eyebrows, eyes, lips) is actually quite subtle.

Attached image
Women like men without ears?
Look no further than Toytown to find your desire.

Example only. Current model, Brenda, is spoken for.

Attached image
Women like men without ears ?
Nah, these two are wearing headscarves, that's why.

Which one is meant to be the feminine looking guy?

You can see a portion of ear there, although it could be that small imperfection thats really sends women over the edge.
Which one is mean to be the feminine looking guy?
I told you the differences were subtle. You should read the article, SIM. (it's the one in the upper pic)
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