Average time taken to walk 1km

For a person in normal health, over flat terrain

sorry, not sure where to post this. but how far does an average person need to walk 1 km, flat terrain, normal health? i've tried googling, but i guess my search queries are duds. any clues?
Wiki puts the average speed at about 5km/h, so 12 minutes.

For humans, walking is the main form of transportation without a vehicle or riding animal. An average walking speed is about 5 kmh (3 mph), although this depends heavily on factors such as height, weight, age and terrain.
My favourite online magazine, Bellaonline, says the following...

Average walking pace/speed.
Walking at just under 5kmh

Power Walking is when you walk a 12 minute mile or up to 8kmh.

Speed Walking refers to walking at speeds of over 8kmh.

Olympic Walking which can also be called race walking - only for the very fit and experienced walkers - as walkers often walk at speeds of up to 14kmh.
Generally a person needs 1000m to walk 1km, give or take ;-)

When I used to do a bit of hiking we used to reckon with 4km/hour, with a full pack. You could say 5km/hour without a pack. So basically 12-15 minutes per km.
With the risk of stating the obvious, it depends whether or not you are going uphill...

On the flat i agree about 4 - 5 km/h is a steady speed without being too strenuous.
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